Thoracic Surgery at Monmouth Medical Center

What Is Thoracic Surgery?

Thoracic surgery is the practice of medicine directed toward the surgical treatment of diseases of the chest (also known as the thorax). These diseases include cancers of the lung, esophagus, and chest wall; birth defects of the chest; and tumors in the organs contained in the chest cavity.

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Thoracic Conditions

Our Thoracic Surgery program offers the latest medical advancements and treatment options for many thoracic conditions. The thoracic specialists at Monmouth Medical Center use the most advanced surgical techniques. In recent years, minimally invasive techniques using small incisions and robotic surgery have been developed to provide safe and effective alternatives to traditional open procedures. Smaller incisions mean less opportunity for infection and usually a faster recovery than with open procedures.

A Multidisciplinary Care Team

Thoracic surgeons at Monmouth Medical Center collaborate closely with gastrointestinal surgeons and endoscopists to provide comprehensive care. The video below explains our approach to care, and how minimally invasive thoracic surgery can be effective in treating esophageal cancer, which is a kind of thoracic cancer.

Thoracic Conditions Treated

Our program treats a variety of thoracic conditions, including:

Thoracic Procedures Offered

Your thoracic surgeon will decide on the best surgical approach for you (open or minimally-invasive) based on several factors, including the type of thoracic disease you have and how severe it is; your age, medical history and lifestyle; and results of tests performed during your initial evaluation. Some procedural options may include:

Frequently Asked Questions About Thoracic Surgery

What Is the Thorax?

The word thoracic is the adjective form of the noun "thorax." The word thorax derives from the Greek and Latin words for breastplate or chest. The term thorax refers to the area of the human body that is located between the neck and the abdomen. The thorax contains the heart, lungs, esophagus and great vessels surrounded by the breastbone or sternum in front, the ribs on each side, and the vertebral column in the back.

How Much Training Does a Thoracic Surgeon Receive?

Thoracic surgeons are among the most highly educated specialists. After college and medical school training, soon-to-be thoracic surgeons will:

  • Devote up to five years to a general surgical residency
  • Devote two to three years to thoracic surgery residency
  • Pass the certifying examination of the American Board of Thoracic Surgery

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