Monmouth Medical High Risk Cancer Assessment Program

High Risk Cancer Assessment Program

Why is it Important to know if you are high risk?

People at high risk for breast cancer can:

  • Have imaging and clinical breast exams more often to ensure early detection and;
  • Take steps to lower their risk

Benefits of being enrolled in the High Risk Breast Program

People who register as high risk can:

  • Have more frequent imaging with
    • More sensitive tools
    • breast designated radiologist who have high detection rates with low false positive rates › state of the art breast imaging machines that reduce imaging time without compromising detection
    • Meet with a Board Certified Genetic Counselor to discuss genetic testing (if applicable)
    • Meet with an Advanced Practicing Nurse who manage your High Risk care
    • Meet with a medical oncologist to discuss medicines that can reduce your risk of breast cancer
    • Meet with a breast surgeon who can discuss preventative breast cancer surgery which Source:; 2020 can change your risk from high to average

For more information about the High-Risk Program, please call 732 531-6600

Monmouth Medical Genetic Counseling

Do you or a family member have:

  • Breast cancer at or before age 45
  • Male breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Metastatic prostate cancer
  • Triple negative breast cancer at or before age 60
  • Breast cancer at any age with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry
  • Three or more individuals on the same side of the family with breast cancer at any age

If you answer yes to any of the above, then your personal or family history may indicate an elevated risk for breast or ovarian cancer. Genetic consultation will further assess your family history and determine if genetic testing is appropriate for you or your family. A genetic counselor will help you consider management options to reduce your risks or suggest screening options to help detect cancer at the earliest stage.

For more information about Genetic Counseling please call 732 923-6513