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Our State-of-the-Art Operating Room

Monmouth Medical Center recently underwent an ambitious Operating Room (OR) transformation project that resulted in two brand new state-of-the-art operating theaters for neurosurgery and spine surgery. The new operating rooms incorporate all of the latest technology, allowing Monmouth’s expert surgeons to perform ever more complex and sophisticated surgery.

Neurosurgery operating room at Monmouth Medical Center

The new OR suites utilize cutting-edge technology that allow neurosurgical procedures to be performed in a more precise and minimally invasive manner. The operating rooms enable the surgeons to use a GPS-like navigation system called the StealthStation both for removal of brain tumors and placement of spinal instrumentation. Intraoperative CAT scan images can be obtained with a device known as the O - ARM and linked to the StealthStation to achieve the highest precision. The OR suites also feature several monitors so the surgical team can simultaneously maintain visualization of the preoperative images, intraoperative images, patient vital signs and a view of the surgery for all of the OR staff that are present. And a new operating microscope allows us to perform delicate microsurgery in a minimally invasive manner by magnifying and perfectly illuminating the operative field.

Operating room at Monmouth Medical Center