Diabetes Care & Self-Management

To help patients with diabetes manage their condition, RWJ Hamilton offers a continuum of care that is comprehensive and individualized.

Our Diabetes Self-Management Program offers patients one-on-one education so they are better able to manage their condition and apply basic principles to their everyday lives. We work with patients through inpatient care, on an outpatient level, and through support groups and continued education.

Care During Inpatient Stays

Often patients are diagnosed with diabetes after being admitted to the hospital with diabetes-related symptoms. Other patients have been previously diagnosed, but due to a change in management or progression of the disease, they come into the hospital with a resulting complication.

When a patient with diabetes is receiving treatment in our hospital, the patient may be referred to a certified diabetes educator (CDE) by a physician, nurse or registered dietitian, or the patient can even request the service. This program offers the patient an individualized consultation with our CDE during hospitalization.

During the consultation, the CDE will discuss self-management principles focusing on survival skills, including signs/treatment/prevention of hypoglycemia, medication management, instruction on self-blood glucose monitoring, and instruction on insulin administration (if needed). Information is also provided on how to transition to the Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Education Program.

Outpatient Care

You don’t have to be admitted to the hospital to receive diabetes counseling. Our certified diabetes educators (CDEs) are also available by appointment for outpatient visits. With a prescription from your doctor, you can set up a time to meet with a CDE to discuss your condition and self-management. Depending on your insurance, a referral may also be required.

Through the Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Education Program, patients can also have individual counseling from a registered dietitian. Patients learn the importance of meal planning and how certain foods impact blood glucose levels.

Recognition and Certification

The education programs offered through RWJ Hamilton are among the best available. Our Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Education Program continues to meet the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education through the American Diabetes Association and maintains their award for Certificate of Recognition.

Ongoing Support and Resources

The Diabetes Support Group is a free service for those living with diabetes and their loved ones. The group meets monthly at the RWJ Hamilton main campus in the Outpatient Auditorium from 7 to 8 p.m. Certified diabetes educators offer information and support. For more information about this group, call 609.584.5900.

Beyond the one-on-one counseling and programs offered on the hospital campus, you are invited to join us at any of our community education programs held at the RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center. To learn more about these programs, call 609.584.5900.

Patient Testimonials

Apr 7, 2022 - My experience with Robert Wood Johnson Diabetes Program Coordinator Shesha Desai was excellent. Being newly diagnosed with Diabetes was scary but with her excellent guidance and wealth of knowledge help me focus on health. With her guidance I was able to manage my Diabetes without taking medication.
Cathy Johnson

Jan 31, 2022 - My mom Norma was recently put on insulin for her diabetes. Without going into too many details her daily sugars were reading up to 400 With an A1C of 12+. We were referred by her PCP-Dr. Rabadi (whom my mother adores) to Shesha Desai (her full info is below). She is a diabetes educator at RWJ. We met with Shesha initially to see how she could help my mom lower her daily sugars and over time the A1C. Shesha was very patient with all of the questions we had, especially listening to moms concerns about diet and daily lifestyle changes. She helped us learn how to make changes that were easy enough to stick with. How to count carbs and what proteins were etc. She even allowed me to come with my mom to each appointment and when the recent Covid numbers were on the rise she even met us via zoom. Shesha is not only patient, she is compassionate, encouraging, supportive, kind and knowledgeable and made sure we understood everything she taught us. Always going at the pace my mom could handle. After less than 4 months moms daily blood Numbers are in the normal range and her A1C just came back at 7.7. None of this would be possible without Shesha!!! Mom still has a little ways to go but with Shesha’s guidance and caring supportive ways she will get there for sure. As a patient with diabetes, my mom would encourage anyone with diabetes who haven’t done so to please ask your Drs If you are entitled to this education. Her insurance pays for 10 hours of education the first year and a couple each and every year after. Thankfully Dr. Rabadi recommended this program to her. All of Shesha’s info is below. Signed, A grateful daughter Shesha Desai. Pharm D. Rph.BC-ADM | Diabetes Program Coordinator/ Staff Pharmacist / ADR Coordinator. Mary Weber

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