Travel Medicine

Be Wise — Immunize

It has been estimated that as many as 50% of travelers become ill.

As an employer, you should be concerned about your employees health when they travel on company business. Employees who become ill during a business trip are covered under Workers' Compensation insurance, which, along with occupation-related injuries, is typically excluded from health plan coverage. Administering preventive vaccines and medication is the best way to keep costs down. Travel Medicine

The RWJ Hamilton Travel Medicine Service offers immunizations (including yellow fever vaccine), prescriptions and health education for traveling abroad. In addition, our staff can provide advice to the healthy traveler about preventive measures to avoid illness during and after their trip.

The clinic also provides:

  • Written advice and documentation, including the International Certificate of Vaccination
  • Pre-travel assessment to determine health care needs
  • Information on general health and safety concerns

Our computerized software system offers information on 229 countries and up-to-date counseling for preventing travel-related diseases such as yellow fever, diphtheria, typhoid, malaria, hepatitis and diarrhea. The program allows us to determine and relay Information about:

  • Information about disease risks
  • Necessary preventive vaccines and medications
  • Detailed explanation of travel health issues, including food, water and insect precautions

Plan ahead and let us take the guesswork out of traveling. You'll receive a personalized portfolio on your travel destination, including phone numbers of health care facilities for emergency treatment.