Breast Health

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The latest screening and diagnostic technology meets convenient care and rapid results. The breast health team at RWJUH Hamilton includes: radiology technologists and physicians, a breast health navigator and a multidisciplinary team from The Cancer Center at RWJUH Hamilton, RWJUH Hamilton’s oncology program.

Screening and Detection

Digital mammography provides high-definition images that can be magnified and adjusted to get the best possible image, adding confidence to the interpretation. And because the images are available quickly, patients can take advantage of quicker exams. Technologists use digital mammography provided by GE’s leading Senographe Essential. This technology uses much less radiation than conventional mammography to create a precise image and provides among the largest imaging fields available in today’s marketplace. To make a mammography appointment, call 609.631.6832.

The Women’s Center team is consistently rated by visitors for outstanding, compassionate care. Whether it's your first experience or you are a returning patient, you will appreciate the time our technicians spend explaining the procedure prior to your mammogram, and the gentle, professional care you will experience.

Breast Imaging
RWJUH Hamilton is fully equipped with diagnostic tools such as breast MRI and ultrasound to study any areas of concern found during a mammogram. Breast biopsies are also offered in an outpatient setting, performed without general anesthesia or requiring stitches.

Cancer Risk Assessment
Our cancer risk assessment program — Hereditary Oncology (HOPE) — helps women with a family history of breast cancer determine their genetic risk for developing the disease.

Cancer Diagnosis

A Multidisciplinary Team
RWJUH Hamilton's multidisciplinary team is led by the medical director of the breast cancer program, and consists of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, a breast health navigator and a genetics coordinator, and nurses who meet regularly to discuss patients whose tests come back with a positive result for cancer. They review each case as a team, agreeing upon the best course of treatment prior to surgery. In effect, our patients receive a first, second and third opinion all at the same time.

Lymphedema Care
A Lymphedema Care Program supports women who are managing lymphedema issues associated with breast cancer treatment. Our trained therapists provide monitored exercise programs, wrapping and compression, lymph drainage massage and education for at-home treatment.

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