Healthy Lives Hamilton

Heart Failure Intervention Program

happy couple huggingThe Healthy Lives Program is one of a spectrum of cardiac services at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton that presents a unique approach to heart failure care. It is designed to improve quality of life for those living with heart failure.

The Challenge of Heart Failure

Managing heart failure is difficult. It requires proper diet, symptom monitoring and adherence to a daily medication regimen. There’s a lot to know, and your health is at stake. Healthy Lives Hamilton is designed to help patients and their families understand what’s needed to help them live their best life.

Programs like Healthy Lives Hamilton support proper monitoring and lifestyle choices to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Where to Begin

Participation in Healthy Lives may begin during an inpatient stay at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton; or, your physician may refer you to Healthy Lives Hamilton on an outpatient basis. From symptom monitoring and management to lifestyle and education, a multidisciplinary team of experts guides you towards living a healthy life.

Your team includes:

  • Cardiologists
  • Primary care physicians
  • Advanced practice nurse
  • Heart failure certified registered nurse
  • Cardiology nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Dietitians
  • Social workers and case manager

Let’s Work Together

You and your loved ones are invited to take an active role in your cardiac care. As a member of Healthy Lives Hamilton, you will benefit from the expertise of your support team and consistent follow-up with cardiac professionals. The knowledge you gain will assist you in making daily choices that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Your Healthy Lives Hamilton team works with you to create an individual plan that helps you reach your personal health goals and make your life better. What’s more, the team collaborates closely with your medical providers for the most comprehensive care on your journey managing chronic conditions while achieving quality of life.

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Patient Stories

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Patient Stories

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