Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)/
Otolaryngology Surgery

Otolaryngologists are physicians who specialize in disorders of the ear, nose and throat (ENT). Commonly referred to as ENTs, these physicians work with you and your primary care physician to diagnose and treat—including surgery—conditions of the ears, nose and throat.

Our highly trained ENT surgeons use the latest surgical techniques, including minimally invasive procedures, to treat otolaryngology conditions ranging from sinus problems, to balance disorder of the inner ear, to cancers of the head and neck.

What does it mean to be board certified?

Board certification means your physician is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care through a rigorous, voluntary commitment to lifelong learning through board certification by the American Board of Otolaryngology. In addition to completing education, residency and state licensure, your surgeon is committed to continuing education to stay current with the latest advances in medical science and technology.

        Conditions We Treat

        • Allergies
        • Deviated septum
        • Balance disorders and vertigo
        • Meniere’s disease
        • Cancers of the head and neck
        • Hearing disorders and loss
        • Swimmer’s ear
        • Tinnitus
        • Ruptured eardrum
        • Earaches and infections
        • Nasal disorders
        • Adenoid infections
        • Sinusitis and other sinus disorders
        • Smell disorders
        • Sleep disorders
        • Sleep apnea
        • Snoring
        • Throat and mouth disorders
        • Dysphagia and swallowing problems
        • Laryngitis
        • Taste disorders
        • Thyroid disease and disorders
        • TMJ
        • Tonsillitis
        • Voice disorders

        Commonly Performed Procedures

        • Adenoidectomy
        • Allergy testing and treatment
        • Diagnostic audiology
        • Ear drum surgery (tympanoplasty)
        • Ear tube surgery
        • Endocrine surgery
        • Lymph node removal
        • Neck dissection
        • Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)
        • Parotidectomy
        • Pediatric otolaryngology
        • Sinus surgery (septoplasty)
        • Stapedectomy
        • Thyroidectomy
        • Tonsillectomy

        Patient Stories

        • “After three months, I went back to my workout classes. I’m so grateful to Dr. Levine. He’s our angel.”

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        • “Just waking up and not feeling sick or sinus pressure, it’s encouraging. It’s exciting to have that relief"

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        Patient Stories

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        • Watch Testimonial