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RWJUH Hamilton is a network of health services providing medical, surgical, diagnostic and treatment services to the community. Located in Hamilton Township, the hospital provides emergency and acute care to patients when they need it.

Our services also go beyond the walls of the hospital, providing outpatient and specialty care clinics such as the Cancer Center at RWJ Hamilton, RWJ Outpatient Center in Columbus, RWJ Rehabilitation, Lakeview Child Centers, outpatient surgery centers, physician offices and the RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center.

Proven Commitment to Quality & Service

Our commitment to healthcare and the community has earned numerous awards in quality, performance, and patient experience. This includes being the first of only two hospitals in New Jersey to receive the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award presented by the president of the United States. The hospital is fully accredited by The Joint Commission with specialty certifications in stroke care, spine surgery and hip/knee replacement. The cancer program is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. In 2017, RWJUH Hamilton was rated an “A” Hospital Safety Grade.

No matter where you seek care, the promise is the same – quality and service you can trust.

Specialty Services

  • Let's Beat Cancer Together.

    Our teams of multidisciplinary cancer care specialists work together to deliver a cure for all types of cancer.

  • You. New and improved.

    Our orthopedic programs combine world-class medical care, personalized attention and innovative research to provide the best possible treatment for our patients.

  • Keeping Your Life in Balance

    Our team of balance specialists work side-by-side with patients to overcome their balance disorder.

  • Emergency Medicine That Combines High Tech and High Touch Care

    In Emergency Medicine, time is of the essence and comforting the soul can be as important as comforting the body.

  • Comprehensive Treatments for Vascular Care

    Our vascular specialists use the latest, innovative diagnostic technologies to create individualized treatment plans.

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    Lou Salamon recalls the day with tears in his eyes. It was his wife Carol’s birthday and earlier that day, he had stopped by the Cancer Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) Hamilton, where she had been receiving treatment, to ask the nurses to sign a birthday card for her. Carol ended up receiving much more than a card. “When I brought Carol in that afternoon for her fluids, I wheeled her in, and as I came around the nurses’ station, they had a banner up wishing her a Happy Birthday,” says Lou. “Somebody had gotten a tray of cupcakes, there were candles, and they had a ...
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    A breast cancer diagnosis four years ago came as a shock to Hamilton resident Rosaline Commiso. Although it was not easy, she is thankful that the cancer center at RWJUH Hamilton was here close to home when she needed it most. Rosaline’s care and the bonds she formed with our staff made such a tremendous impression on her, that one year after her last radiation treatment Rosaline became a volunteer. She has been offering company and encouragement to cancer patients undergoing infusion treatments since 2015. In her words… “ I woke up one day with a lump in my breast and my whole life changed. I ...
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    If it could happen to him, it could happen to anyone. There’s still a tone of disbelief in Donnell’s voice as he recounts May 1, 2018: The day the otherwise healthy 36-year-old Allentown resident had a stroke. “It doesn’t have a name or an age on it,” he says. “It can happen to anyone.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it happens to about 795,000 Americans each year, killing about 140,000 of them. Donnell ended up being one of the lucky ones. He awoke that morning with a tingling sensation in his right arm. He tried to stand only to realize his right side was ...
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    Paul was becoming a stranger to those closest to him. The 76-year-old East Windsor resident, who was struggling to cope with Parkinson’s symptoms, had begun retreating into himself. Paul was avoiding phone calls, outings and conversations. His neighbors, even his own wife, wondered where he had gone. “That’s not the Paul we knew months ago,” he recalls them saying. Always somewhat soft spoken, the retired Air Force and commercial pilot was losing control of his vocal volume, a symptom of Parkinson’s. The disease of the central nervous system causes motor and speech impairment, both of which ...
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    The symptoms struck Wayne suddenly, rousing him from sleep in the middle of the night. Something was causing his head to jerk downward and to the right. “You ever see a fish with a hook in its mouth, and you just keep tugging it? That’s what it was doing,” the 52-year-old Hamilton resident says. His speech was also distorted and incoherent. He likens the sound and the sensation inside his head to a child mashing the keys of piano. His mother, whom he lives with after suffering disabling accident in 1983, knew something was wrong and called 911. Wayne first received the diagnosis of seizures ...
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    Phyllis was out for a morning stroll when she suddenly felt as though the world was spinning. “It came out of nowhere,” she recalled. “I started swaying and was so dizzy I couldn’t walk, or even stand.” Alone and afraid, the 69-year old Yardville resident struggled to reach a nearby bench so she could lie down and call for help. The episode prompted Phyllis to visit an urgent care center, where doctors suspected a common balance disorder that occurs when crystals migrate into the ear canals. However, when initial treatment failed, her primary care physician referred her to specialists at RWJ ...
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    Rick knew he needed a knee replacement. The active, fit 65-year-old had gone through rounds of anti-inflammatory and injection therapies to deaden the pain of the arthritic joint, and his orthopedic surgeon, John Schnell, told him that he would know when the timing was right. It was the avid gardener’s shovel that ultimately delivered the message. “I tried to push the shovel down with my right foot, and that night, I was dying,” Rick says. “I thought, I can’t dig anything ever again.” A total knee replacement would eventually get this green thumb back to his shovel and his garden again. ...
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    The frustration and the pain were becoming too much for John to handle. The 69-year-old Cream Ridge resident was hobbled by poor blood flow in his leg, which cramped anytime he tried to walk more than 500 feet. “I was trying to walk to lower my cholesterol and I couldn’t do it,” he says. “It was frustrating.” After a stent attempt failed to address the issue, John thought the pain was something he had to live with. But RWJ University Hospital Hamilton vascular surgeon Honesto Poblete had other ideas. “He had blood flow to his leg,” Poblete says, “but the blood was traveling through small blood ...
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    Pelvic Floor Rehab offers a non-surgical solution for incontinence. Ralph struggled daily to keep the low-level anxiety from creeping into his life. He had a mental map of every bathroom and trashcan at his frequent destinations. Incontinence, he said, was a stress he could manage for nearly 20 years, until it became an embarrassment. He was among the millions of Americans who deal with the pelvic floor disorder. Incontinence is often-misunderstood and so shrouded in stigma that we’ve chosen to identify this patient, who is in his late 70s, by another name. Ralph used an elaborate system of ...
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    When Ann met with Michael Ast, MD, orthopedic surgeon, she suspected a partial knee replacement was in her future. “I’d had a partial knee surgery eight years prior on my other knee and this pain was very similar,” explains Ann. “I was not looking forward to going through it again, but my knee was bone on bone. It was very painful.” Natural, by Way of Technology Ann, who spent her youth as a gymnast and cheerleader, thought she knew what to expect with partial knee replacement surgery. What she didn’t know is that in the eight years since her previous partial knee surgery, a lot had changed. ...
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Patient Stories

  • "They take a genuine interest in making a patient’s life more comfortable.”

  • "Giving back to the place where I received such amazing care is very important to me."

  • “If your body is telling you to, seek medical help.”

  • “You can see how it’s changed my life.”

  • I can’t even tell you how different life is. Life feels so much better.

  • The hospital got me back on my feet... and enjoying life again.

  • I can use my shovel. I can mow the lawn. I can ride a bike.

  • It felt so good just to be able to walk and not get a cramp in my leg.

  • After the first session – I worked on the exercises for a week – I had immediate results.

  • “I didn’t think I could do it, and I was taken aback by how easily I could move.”

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