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SHAPEDOWN® Weight Management

smiling boy holding head of broccoliThe Nation's Leading Weight Management Program for Children and Teens

This 10-week weight management program helps make lifestyle changes, focus on self-directed change, strengthen family dynamics and raise your awareness of weight-related triggers. Youth SHAPEDOWN is for children ages 8 to 12 and their families; Teen SHAPEDOWN is for teens 13 to 17 and their families.

Questions families ask …

What Will SHAPEDOWN Do For Me?

For Children and Teens - SHAPEDOWN will help you take care of your health and happiness. You will learn to create an active, full life so that food, television and computer activities are less important. You will talk about your feelings and needs so that you will feel safer and happier.You will learn strategies to stop kids from teasing you and you will feel better about your body and about yourself. SHAPEDOWN brings out the best in you!

For Parents - SHAPEDOWN will help you feel better about your parenting and about your child. You will let go of guilt, fear and frustration about your child’s weight as you put into practice positive changes in your family’s lifestyle and communication. In many cases, changes from SHAPEDOWN are profound. Parents are amazed at their child’s new happiness and vitality and at the richness of their family life.

Who Teaches SHAPEDOWN?

Only licensed health professionals teach SHAPEDOWN. Teams may include a registered dietitian, mental health professional, physician, nurse and exercise specialist. All SHAPEDOWN Providers, in addition to their own professional training, complete specialized clinical education in child and adolescent obesity.

How Does SHAPEDOWN Work?

SHAPEDOWN builds on the strength of the family. It gently and effectively supports families in creating an active lifestyle and a healthy but not depriving diet. Parents tune up their nurturing skills to curb their child’s emotional overeating and sharpen their limit-setting skills to prompt their child toward a healthier lifestyle. The child accepts more responsibility for diet and activity and feels happier and safer. Food becomes less important, activity more exciting and the child’s weight begins to normalize.

Does SHAPEDOWN Treat Parents Too?

In SHAPEDOWN, the whole family changes so parents often see weight loss and improvements in their own diet, activity, blood pressure and serum cholesterol. However, overweight parents need an assessment from their own healthcare provider to determine the best form of care for them.

Is the Program Effective?

SHAPEDOWN was shown to produce significant long-term outcomes in a controlled study of 66 adolescents followed for 15 months in four diverse California sites (1 urban, 1 suburban, 2 rural). The subjects were randomly assigned to test and control groups. The test group received the group application of SHAPEDOWN including weekly discussion sessions and exercise; the control group received no treatment. There were no significant differences between groups in any of the variables at the beginning of the study.

Paired t-tests were used to compare mean scores within groups over time. At the end of the treatment (3 months) and at one year follow-up (15 months), the SHAPEDOWN group made significant improvements in relative weight, knowledge of weight management principles, depression and diet/exercise behavior. (The Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Volume 87, Number 3). Research has shown repeatedly that without a family approach, all treatments – diet, exercise and behavioral approaches, are ineffective. It is only by building on the strength of the family that child obesity programs have long lasting, beneficial effect on weight.

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