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Most people who have COVID-19 (coronavirus) recover completely, however there are a significant number who do suffer from lingering side effects. These individuals, known as long-haulers, still have COVID symptoms weeks or months after being diagnosed. Their symptoms interfere with their ability to return to their prior life and activities.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset has created COVID-19 rehabilitation programs to help long-haulers with post-COVID conditions (also known as “long COVID") get back to living their lives.

Post-COVID Care Exercise Program

Our post-COVID exercise program can help you set goals to improve strength and breathing to return you to your pre-COVID health status.

This exercise program is designed to foster the independence and self-awareness necessary for a healthy lifestyle. You will be supervised by an exercise physiologist (EP) who will help you transition to a community or home-based exercise environment.

Program Details

Days per week: 2 days per week

Length per session: Approximately 1 hour/session

Length of programming: Up to a 6-month maximum time participation

Billing and payment: The cost is $99/month for 8 visits or $17/visit for those not committing to the month package. Please be aware that insurance plans will most likely NOT pay for this service. Payment must be made at the time of registration.


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Post-COVID Care Speech Services

Some long-term effects of COVID may include cognition issues, memory loss, food or swallowing-related issues, or muscle weakness that affect the ability to communicate.

  • Cognition. If you have memory loss or feel like you have brain fog, a speech therapist can work with you to help improve your memory and assist with problem-solving techniques.
  • Swallowing issues. COVID long-haulers may experience difficulty swallowing or may have issues with specific consistencies of food. Speech specialists can assess for aspiration and provide therapy to improve swallowing abilities.
  • Communication. Complications from COVID may lead to speech and language issues. Patients may have problems speaking or lack muscular support. Speech services can identify areas of weakness and help strengthen muscles needed to communicate effectively.

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For more information about Post-COVID Care speech services, call: 908-685-2453, or use our Request an Appointment form and choose the Somerville location in the Location field.