About Our Maternity Classes at Somerset Campus

Please check our Maternity Class event listings for dates, times and registration information. Please note that registration is required for all classes.

Register for any of our classes online or by calling 908-704-3766.

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Expectant Parents Tour

Expectant parents, this complete maternity experience will guide you through what to expect during your time in the hospital. You’ll tour the Mother-Baby Unit, Labor and Delivery and learn where the nursery is. Adults only. Tours are held on various Sundays afternoons and Monday evenings.

Childbirth Experience

This class prepares expectant parents how to actively participate in: delivery, anesthesia, analgesia, breathing and body conditioning. It’s also designed for couples working together to learn relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques. Hospital routines, medications and epidurals will be explained, as well as both vaginal and cesarean births. It also helps you learn the signs of postpartum depression.

Baby Basics for Parents-To-Be

Have fun learning about infant care, the baby bath, cord care, reflexes, and normal newborn appearance. Important updates in infant safety at home, SIDS prevention, car seat safety and baby equipment will be reviewed.

Breastfeeding Class

Give your baby the best! Learn about feeding cues, positions for breastfeeding, good latch-on techniques and more. Dispel myths, get questions answered, and begin a plan for your return to work or school. This class will help you get off to the right start!

Sibling Preparation Class

Come and take a tour of the place where Mommy will stay when your new baby is born. Learn all about your new baby and how important it is to be a big brother or sister. We will learn about washing our hands, spending special time with Mom and Dad and how we can help by doing little jobs around the house.

Grandparents Class

Embrace your new role with a baby basics hands on-review. Learn about infant safety, new baby equipment and feeding practices.

Pre and Post Natal Yoga Class

Bring your yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes. Keep fit during your pregnancy and beyond. Yoga helps to increase relaxation, flexibility and strength: all necessary for a more comfortable labor and birth process. After delivery, yoga is a great way to get into shape and make new friends at the same time. Classes are taught by one of our maternity nurses, certified in pre and post natal fitness.
Please note: You will need a special physician’s note to participate.