Board of Trustees

Mr. Jack Morris, Chair

Dr. Dory B. Altmann

Dr. Robert L. Barchi

Ms. Linda Bloomfield

Mr. Arthur J. Cifelli

Ms. Dina Karmazin Elkins

Mr. John J. Gantner

Mr. J. Michael Gower

Mr. John Hoffman (Esq.), Treasurer

Mr. Paul D. Hubert

Dr. Robert L. Johnson

Dr. Steven K. Libutti

Ms. Jo-Ann Mendles

Ms. Johanna Mercier

Mr. Lester J. Owens

Mr. Christopher J. Paladino

Mr. John A. Papa

Dr. Susan Reinhard

Dr. James C. Salwitz

Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr. (Rev.), Secretary

Mr. Paul V. Stahlin, Vice Chair

Dr. Brian L. Strom

Mr. Robert T. Zito

Emeritus Directors

Mr. Elliot Cohen

Dr. John L. Colaizzi

Mrs. Arline Schwartzman

Patient Stories

  • "[My snoring] really created a strain in my marriage."

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  • Thanks to bariatric surgery and self-discipline, one patient has managed to keep 165 pounds off for 14 years.

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  • “I wasn’t expecting to be able to serve for a year after my surgery, but I beat that schedule by at least four months”

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Patient Stories

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