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Board of Trustees

  • Jack Morris (Chair)
  • Dory B. Altmann, MD
  • Albert J. Alvarez, Esq.
  • Robert L. Barchi, MD, PhD
  • Linda Bloomfield (Auxiliary President)
  • Jack Borrus, Esq.
  • Sherine E. Gabriel, MD, MSc
  • Murdo J. Gordon
  • J. Michael Gower, MBA (designee of Robert L. Barchi, MD, PhD)
  • John A. Hoffman, Esq. (Treasurer)
  • Steven Kalafer
  • Karen R. Leu (Secretary)
  • Lester J. Owens
  • Christopher J. Paladino, Esq.
  • Susan C. Reinhard, PhD
  • James C. Salwitz, MD
  • Paul V. Stahlin, CPA (Vice Chair)
  • Brian L. Strom, MD, MPH
  • Nicolas J. Valeriani
  • Robert T. Zito

Director Emeritus

  • Elliot Cohen, CPA
  • John L. Colaizzi, PhD
  • Bernard A. Rineberg, MD
  • Arline Schwartzman

Patient Stories

  • The hospital got me back on my feet... and enjoying life again.

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  • "I was ready to fight hard. Being a mom with a four year old daughter just made me push harder. I didn't stop living. I didn't stop being a mom."

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  • "I went to bed and woke up at about 2am with the most severe and indescribable pain in my chest"

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Patient Stories

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  • Watch Testimonial