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The Babs Siperstein PROUD Center proudly serves the needs of all men regardless of sexuality or identity. We understand the stigma and discrimination faced by men within the LGBTQIA community. Here, your differences are respected and understood as part of our comprehensive health care services. We encourage you to speak freely with your provider about your health without fear of judgment.

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What Should You Discuss With Your Provider?

  • In order to receive adequate health care, it is important to disclose your sexual orientation.
  • Your sexual health is a part of your overall health. Discussing sexual relationships will ensure you are properly screened and effectively treated in a timely manner.
  • Immunizations can help prevent sexually transmitted infections and viruses. If you are unaware of your immunization status. ask your provider.
  • Men who have sex with men (MSM) are at a higher risk for HIV than other men. Ask your provider about preventive measures to reduce your risk. If you are unaware of your HIV status ask your provider to test you.
  • Research shows that gay men may be at higher risk for prostate, testicular and colon cancer than other men. Talk to your provider about recommended cancer screenings based on your risk factors.
  • Body image issues can lead to MSM experiencing eating disorders. Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset’s Eating Disorders Unit offers comprehensive care for men and women ages 14 and older, including inpatient, outpatient and intensive outpatient services.
  • Obesity can lead to a wide range of health problems, including heart disease. Consider talking to your provider about recommendations for maintaining a healthy weight.
  • MSM experience depression and suicidal thoughts at higher rates than other men. If you are experiencing any mental health issues, let your provider know immediately.

Patient Stories

  • “Finding a place offering specific care for people like me is almost a guarantee I’ll be provided more respect and kindness. Feeling welcomed and included makes a big difference.”

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  • “When I look at my body now, it feels like this is how I’ve always been, which is pretty incredible. It just feels natural.”

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  • "At PROUD, the staff members look at you as a person. I recommend it to everyone I know."

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Patient Stories

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