Women’s Health

Women in the LGBTQIA community often face challenges and barriers when accessing health services. At the Babs Siperstein PROUD Center, we ensure all your health care needs are met while tearing down barriers and creating bridges. Whether you are lesbian, bisexual and gender non-conforming or questioning, your differences matter to us and your health care is our priority.

Services We Provide

  • Primary care services
  • Immunizations
  • Breast/chest health care
  • Cervical cancer screening (pap smear)
  • Education
  • Referrals to LGBTQIA+ friendly services

Health Information

What Should You Discuss With Your Provider?

  • In order to receive adequate health care, it is important to disclose your sexual orientation.
  • Your sexual health is a part of your overall health. Discussing sexual relationships will ensure you are properly screened and effectively treated in a timely manner.
  • Lesbians have a higher risk for breast cancer than other women. Early detection is vital for treatment. Ask your provider if you should be screened. The PROUD Center works collaboratively with the Sanofi US Breast Care Program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset to offer mammography screenings for members of the LGBTQIA community.
  • Lesbians have a higher risk for certain gynecological cancers than other women. Having regular pelvic exams and pap smears can detect cancers earlier increasing the chance of survival. Ask your provider if you need a pap smear/ pelvic exam.
  • Lesbians are more likely to be overweight than others. Obesity is associated with heart disease, cancer and premature death. Consider talking to your provider about recommendations for maintaining a healthy weight including bariatric surgery.
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women. Due to increased risk factors, such as smoking and obesity, lesbians should receive yearly screenings for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.
  • Lesbians use tobacco at higher rates than others. Smoking has been associated with serious health issues, including heart disease and cancer. If you would like help quitting smoking, ask your provider about tobacco cessation resources available at our Steeplechase Cancer Center.

Patient Stories

  • “Finding a place offering specific care for people like me is almost a guarantee I’ll be provided more respect and kindness. Feeling welcomed and included makes a big difference.”

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  • “When I look at my body now, it feels like this is how I’ve always been, which is pretty incredible. It just feels natural.”

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  • "At PROUD, the staff members look at you as a person. I recommend it to everyone I know."

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Patient Stories

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