What to Expect During and After Your Delivery

After you’ve taken our childbirth classes and are in labor, head to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset. First, call your health care provider who will instruct you as to when to come into the hospital.

  • Pack your photo ID, insurance card and any toiletries and clothing for you and your baby.
  • You may park in the Rehill or Post Street garage; parking is free. From there, you will be directed to Labor and Delivery. If needed, you will be escorted by a staff member to Labor and Delivery.

Tip: You can pre-register in one of three different ways:

  • Complete and mail the paperwork given to you by your obstetrician.
  • Call 908-704-3745 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Complete our online pre-admissions form.

Pain Management/Anesthesia

At Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset, we respect and value your choices regarding your pain management options.

No two women have the same degree of pain during and after labor.

No two labors are alike.

There are many ways to ease and control labor pain. Relaxation exercises, breathing techniques and frequent changes of position often help — particularly in the early stages of labor. Your partner or labor coach can massage or firmly press on your lower back, or apply ice packs or heat to your lower back. Other options include playing music and taking a shower.

As labor progresses — and contractions become stronger and more frequent — you may want to hear about your medication options. Our anesthesia team will present several options to you, including epidurals and spinal blocks to control pain in the lower body.

An epidural can be used continuously throughout labor, while a spinal block is typically used shortly before delivery.

Your nurse can help you choose from the various comfort measures used during your labor.

Labor and Delivery

It’s finally time for your baby’s birth! We encourage your primary support person to be with you during labor.
Please discuss any specific requests regarding visitors with the staff and with your doctor. Please talk with your nurse about accommodations on the pavilion for your family and guests.

The Labor and Delivery Unit is comprised of:

  • Specialists in OB/GYN, anesthesiology and neonatalogy are available 24/7 whenever needed
  • Nurses certified in obstetrical care
  • 7 large private rooms for labor and birth
  • Jacuzzi tub
  • Two operating rooms for cesarean sections and a recovery room
  • All obstetric procedures are performed in the maternity pavilion

Shortly after delivery your baby will be placed in skin-to-skin contact with you. Studies have shown that skin-to-skin helps to keep your baby warm, raises your hormone levels that help with breastfeeding, and helps the baby to become familiar with you. If you are formula feeding, your baby can also enjoy skin to skin with you!


Our nurses are educated and specially trained to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals. We believe in providing individualized care to support your breastfeeding success.

While you are still in Labor and Delivery, a nursery nurse will come in and check your baby’s vital signs and explain the breastfeeding process. Soon, you will notice that your baby puts his/her hand to the mouth, and may even root towards your breast. Your baby is looking for food. Your nurse will help you as needed to latch on and will check on you both frequently during this first feeding.

Over the next few days, your nurse will continue to assist you with your breastfeeding needs. Prior to discharge, you will have an opportunity to attend our infant care and breastfeeding class, taught by one of our lactation counselors. A breast pump will be provided for you free of charge if you should need one during your hospital stay.

Please remember that your baby is more efficient than the pump, and actually breastfeeding the baby exclusively for the first few weeks is the best way to achieve long term success.

Postpartum Care on the Mother-Baby Unit

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset’s Mother-Baby Unit is comprised of 20 all-private rooms with sleep-in arrangements for your primary support person.

After you have spent some time holding your baby skin-to-skin and have fed your baby for the first time, you will be transferred to your postpartum room. Your nurse will provide comprehensive care to both you and your baby, so feel free to ask questions.

Your doctor and the baby’s doctor will see you both every day while you are in the hospital. Your nurse will provide important education and information during your stay. Plan to attend the informative discharge class held on the unit. On the day of discharge, your nurse will review your postpartum instructions and give you information about any medications that your physician has prescribed for you at home.

Tip: If your pediatrician does not have privileges at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset, one of our pediatric hospital specialists will examine your baby. Before discharge, please supply your nurse with your pediatrician’s contact information and schedule your baby’s first appointment.

Tip: Your baby’s folder will contain important information about infant care, your baby’s birth certificate, postpartum depression screenings and common medications used postpartum. Please complete any required paper work and check with your nurse if you have questions or concerns.

Car Seat Safety

If you have questions about your baby’s car seat, please speak with your nurse to arrange an appointment with our car seat safety expert.


Siblings of the baby are encouraged to visit and to stop at the maternity desk to receive their Big Brother/Big Sister stickers and their special sibling pass.

We welcome your family and friends to our unit. Your primary support person (with the ID band) may visit at any time. We ask that all visitors be free of illness.

The father of the baby or one other adult visitor may stay overnight with you in your room. Visitation may be subject to change in cases of flu outbreak or for other reasons according to hospital policy.

View our visitation guidelines for visiting hours and policies.


A special complimentary breakfast is provided each morning in our lounge for your support person. Our hospital cafeteria is open from early morning to late evening. The cafe in the lobby is stocked with snacks and light meals.

The maternity pavilion has a kitchen available to you with beverages and light snacks for your convenience. Our special maternity menu is located in each room, and food items can be obtained for you and your primary support person by calling the number located on the menu. If you are a vegetarian, you will find several choices on the maternity menu. In addition, your nurse will be happy to provide you with various specialty menus.