Frequently Asked Questions

Maternity at RWJUH Somerset

Where do I go when I come to the hospital?

Please park in the hospital’s Rehill Avenue parking garage and enter the main lobby where you will be screened for COVID-19. You will also be given a mask to wear while in the hospital. At the registration desk, let them know that you are in labor and are going to Labor and Delivery. You will need to show your photo ID and you and your support person will be given a visitor pass. You will be directed to proceed to Labor and Delivery, which can be accessed by taking the South Elevators to the first floor. Wheelchairs are available if needed.

If you are arriving after 8 p.m., please park in the Emergency Department parking garage and enter the hospital through the Emergency Department lobby.

When you reach the Labor and Delivery Department, you will need to use the phone outside the entrance doors to call the nurses’ station. Please identify yourself and let the nurse know that you are in labor.

What should I bring when I come to the hospital?

Please bring your photo ID and insurance information to the hospital. Pack an overnight bag with your change of clothes, toiletries and clothes for the baby to wear home. Don’t forget to bring a car seat for the baby. Since your support person will be staying with you in the hospital until your discharge, it is important to bring the car seat with you to Labor and Delivery.

Will I be tested for COVID-19?

All expectant mothers are tested for COVID-19. If your delivery is a scheduled induction or C-section, you will be tested within 96 hours of arriving at the hospital. If you arrive at the hospital in labor, you will be administered a rapid COVID-19 test.

If I test positive for COVID-19, can my baby stay with me?

Your baby will stay in the room with you as long as you remain in the Maternity Pavilion. If your symptoms worsen and you are transferred to another unit for care, your baby will remain in our nursery. You will be able to conduct virtual visits with your baby via an iPad.

Will I be able to have visitors in the hospital?

Only one support person is permitted to be with you during your hospital stay. One visitor, in addition to a significant other/support person, may visit at one time during visiting hours.

How long will I stay in the hospital after having my baby?

We will try to minimize your time in the hospital setting. Your doctor will determine whether there is an opportunity for an early discharge from the hospital.

Will I be able to eat or drink after I go into labor?

No. You should not eat or drink after going into labor. Laboring moms do have access to the ice machine in Labor and Delivery. You can also bring in ice pops.

Will my support person be able to get something to eat?

Meals will be provided for your support person throughout your hospital stay.

Do you have breastfeeding support?

A lactation consultant is available to assist you in meeting your breastfeeding goals. We also offer a free online breastfeeding support group for ongoing support after you go home. Register for the online support group.

Is there a photographer available to take photos of my baby in the hospital?

Due to visitor restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not able to offer professional photography services in the hospital at this time but can provide you with information on photography services you may wish to use when you are home.