Patient Responsibilities

As a patient at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset, you have specific rights guaranteed by New Jersey state law. Along with these rights exist the following responsibilities:

  • It is important to be considerate of other patients by allowing them privacy, limiting your visitors and maintaining a quiet atmosphere. Telephones, televisions, radios and lights should be used in a manner agreeable to others.

  • Always ask for explanations of any medical problem or treatment plan if you do not have a clear understanding. Once you have agreed to a treatment plan, it is important that you follow the prescribed plan. Partial treatment will not be beneficial. You may want to ask:

    • Why a treatment is recommended

    • What alternatives are available

    • Whether the treatment causes discomfort or pain

    • How long the treatment will last

    • What risks are involved

  • You should not make any decisions about your care if you feel you are not fully informed. You may be asked to consent in writing to certain tests, procedures or operations. Ask as many questions as you need to fully understand each document you are asked to sign. If you change your mind or refuse a treatment, discuss your reasons with your physician.

  • As a partner in your health care, we encourage you to:

    • Provide the most accurate and complete medical history that you can.

    • Ask questions of the health care team whenever necessary.

    • Follow the plan - tell the staff if you feel you can't comply with the plan.

    • Report changes - tell your doctor if there is a change in your health.

    • If possible, have a list of what drugs you take and why.

    • Try to know the names of everyone who cares for you.

  • Your cooperation with hospital regulations is appreciated.

    • You and your visitors may not smoke in the medical center.

    • If possible, do not bring anything of value with you to the hospital; if you do, request that it is locked up until you are ready for discharge.

    • Ask your family and visitors to respect visiting hours and the rights of other patients.

  • You are expected to pay your hospital bill in a timely fashion.

For more information about these responsibilities, please contact the Patient Experience Department at 908-685-2430.

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