Cardiothoracic Surgery 973-926-3500

Cardiac surgeons have been performing robotic surgery for several years using the da Vinci® Surgical System, as an alternative for patients requiring certain


open-heart procedures including mitral valve repair, atrial defect repair, and eventually for coronary bypass surgery.

As a minimally invasive alternative to tradition open-heart surgeries, in which surgeons had to create an incision in the patient’s chest, robotic surgery allows surgeons to operate through tiny holes without ever having to open the patient’s chest. This is beneficial to the patient who will spend less time in the hospital, experience less pain and recover faster.

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General Surgery 973-926-3300

The Division of General Surgery encompasses a broad range of pediatric surgery for all conditions in infants, young children and adolescents. All pediatric surgeons are board certified in surgery as well as pediatric surgery. Areas of specialized surgery include:

  • Tumor surgery
  • Newborn surgery
  • Non-invasive laporascopic surgery
  • Trauma surgery
  • ENT (otolaryngology)

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Urological Surgery 973-926-3300

The advent of robotic surgery has opened the door to many exciting new possibilities for minimally invasive surgery for children. With the da Vinci System, the surgeon only needs to make small incisions, which translates into decreased blood loss, reduced postoperative pain and a quicker recovery from surgery. These benefits are so important for active children who are eager to get back to their normal daily routines. And, quicker recovery time means less time spent in the hospital following surgery, thereby reducing the stress levels for both the parent and child.

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Same-Day Surgery 973-926-2107

This surgical unit offers the best in same-day medical treatment for those under age 18. Services offered include pre-admission orientation and testing, pre-operative education and medical play which help children understand what their stay at the hospital entails. The Same-Day Surgery unit also coordinates services such as chemotherapy, blood transfusion, MRI and CT scans.

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