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Violence Continues in Cycles

Know the Facts: What Is Relationship Violence?

  • A relationship where one partner is afraid or intimidated by the other
  • Behavior by one partner that is used to maintain control over the other
  • Relationship violence may include verbal threats, physical assaults, emotional abuse (like yelling or insults), and/or unwanted sexual activity
  • Relationship violence also includes threats of one partner killing himself if the other partner leaves
  • A violent relationship may included one partner harassing the other partner with excessive phone calls, texting, paging
  • Extreme possessiveness may be a part of a violent relationship


Teen DV Facts

Love Doesn't Have to Hurt Teens

Teen Dating Violence in Numbers

Just the Facts in Numbers

  • 38 % of date rape victims are girls between 14 and17 years of age
  • 25% of middle and high school students know someone in an abusive relationship.
  • 70% of pregnant teenagers say their partners abuse them


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