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2nd Floor Youth Helpline for Teens in New Jersey

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Teen Girls Support Group
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How to Get Away for Help

What if I want out of the relationship and he/she says "NO!"

  • Read more information on this site for suggestions
  • Report the abuse and your fears to school counselors if both of you attend the same school
  • Tell a security officer, counselor.
  • Talk to your parents, a friend's parents, or other family members
  • Tell your church minister or other adults that you are afraid of what he/she will do
  • Get help from a counselor to leave the relationship
  • Look at this site for a local teen group where you can get help
  • Keep notes and pictures of when and how you are being abused-You may need proof of how and when you were hurt

Call hotlines on this site if you need help right away. Call 911 if you are being hurt now!


  • Give yourself a break from the relationship
  • Develop a safety plan for what you will do if your partner becomes abusive
  • Practice your safety plan with a friend
  • Always let others know where you are going and when you plan to return
  • Do not agree to meet your partner alone.
  • Do not allow your partner into your home if no one else is there to protect you
  • Do not get in a car alone with the partner
  • Have someone you trust go with you to a job, school, or other place if you are afraid
  • Have a friend and/or a parent check in with you if they do not hear from you

How to Help Friends

  • Talk to your friends about their problems.
  • Let friends know that you are concerned.
  • Explain what you know about partner abuse
  • Help your friend to see her talents and self worth
  • Encourage your friend to talk to a trusted adult
  • Do not confront the friend's abusive partner yourself
  • If she asks, try to go with your friend to see a counselor
  • Report the abuse to a school counselor if your friend does not want to report it herself
  • Call 911 if you witness your friend being abused.

Things You Can Do…

  • TALK to other girls witnessing DV
  • VOLUNTEER in your community
  • GET HELP for your family
  • GET HELP for yourself
  • COME To A TEEN MEETING for Girls

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