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Smart agencies, schools and companies are aware that it pays in more ways than one to invest in their employees’ wellness. To ensure success, we collaborate to create a customized package that matches your workforce needs and corporate objectives. Our wellness professionals are trained to offer solution based strategies that result in:

  • Overall Increase in Productivity and Company Morale
  • Improved Attendance and Employee Retention
  • Reduction in Health Costs
  • An Improved Bottom Line

Corporate Training Series

Respect and Its Impact on the Workplace

The Practice of Resolving Conflict
The Dynamics of Anger

Positioning Self for Success
The Art of Boundary Setting, Learning to Limit Unwanted Behaviors

Incorporating More ‘life’ Into the Work-life Balance

Strategic Thinking
Use Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals

The Hidden Secrets Behind Addiction
From Perfectionist to Workaholic, Uncovering the Addict Within

Staying Energized at Work
Exploring the Difference Between Productive and Draining Behaviors

Eating for Success
The Food-Mood Connection, Using Food to Improve Work Performance

Stress Management
Strategies for Dealing in an ‘Information Overload’ World

Using Art as a Stress Management Tool
Creative Techniques to Enhance your Potential

Sexual Harassment
Mandatory Regulations to Safeguard Your Organization

Parenting for Professionals
Maximizing Family Time

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Patient Stories

  • “I could not believe it when I received the call on a Sunday afternoon,” said Ian. “The nurses and doctors that took care of me before, during and post-surgery are unbelievable."

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  • I am also grateful to all the CBMC staff. I am grateful to the doctors who sat on my bed and let me cry because I was separated from my newborn baby. Thank you to the L&D nurses that asked how the baby was every time I came back to my hospital room.

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  • “Dr. Gilder is amazing because he’s not only good at what he does, but he’s also compassionate.”

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Patient Stories

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