About Your Stay

DoctorsRWJBarnabas Health wants to provide the most comfortable and soothing environment that we can. We understand that a hospital stay can be stressful on patients and their loved ones, and we hope to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Our nursing staff has a widespread reputation for excellence in patient care.

Our nurses and staff will make every effort to familiarize you with your accommodations, with your comfort and safety being their top priority. Please notify your nurse or call our patient satisfaction department for any services or assistance you need.

Your Health Care Team

Your health care team includes medical staff, nursing staff, support staff and services, and volunteers. Our award-winning team of nationally recognized doctors and surgeons combines experience with innovating treatment and diagnostic technologies to bring you state-of-the-art care throughout our system. Our nurses and staff strive to bring you compassionate and skilled care every step of the way.

Your health care team should introduce themselves when they enter your room and explain their role in your care. In addition, all staff are required to wear photo identification badges. As part of our Patient Safety Initiatives, please expect that our team members will be checking your identification bracelet often and asking you to state your name so that your identity can be verified.

Your Meals

The Food and Nutrition Department continually provides you with quality meals and service during your stay. Proper nutrition is an integral part of your recuperation and your well-being. All meals are carefully planned to be nourishing and appetizing. Keep in mind that your physician determines your diet prescription, and your diet may change during your stay due to changes in your condition or in preparation for tests or procedures. Our dietitians will be happy to provide you with guidelines regarding your special diet or discuss nutrition questions that you may have. To assist you with your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner selections, you will be visited by a Food Services Representative. This representative will discuss your daily menu choices and place your meal order for you. Kosher menus are available.

Phone & Television Services

Phone / TV services and procedures may vary by facility. These services may incur additional charges. See your facility's Patient Guide for specific information or ask our staff for assistance when you arrive.

Cellular Phones and Cameras

As part of our continuing efforts to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality, while promoting a healing, soothing environment, the use of cellular phones and cameras is strictly prohibited in patient care areas. However, we understand that patients and visitors want to stay in touch with loved ones. Generally, cellular phones may be used in the main or outpatient lobby, snack bar, waiting rooms, and some patient rooms. Hospital policies on cellular phone use may vary by facility.

Internet Access

Internet Access is available at many of our facilities in certain areas. See your facility's Patient Guide for specific information, or ask our staff for assistance when you arrive.

Tobacco & Smoke Free Campuses

Our hospitals are tobacco and smoke free. This means that smoking and the use of all tobacco products are prohibited inside all buildings and anywhere on the grounds throughout the campus. Smoking is not permitted in any of our entryways, sidewalks, parking areas and is also restricted inside your own car while on hospital grounds. Smoking is one of the top four causes of death. By maintaining a tobacco and smoke free environment, we are discouraging the use of tobacco products, eliminating secondhand smoke in our environment. As a patient, you can receive nicotine replacement therapy with a prescription from your physician. Please be sure to speak to your nurse or doctor for more information.

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Patient Stories

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