Child Development and Behavior

Child with a sunflowerThis comprehensive program is designed for children ages newborn to 21 years with any abnormality in growth, development or behavior.

The program provides total evaluation, diagnostic work-up, treatment and referrals to special services or schools if needed for children with conditions including mental retardation, speech problems, learning disabilities, autism, or attention deficit disorder. Two developmental pediatricians, both board certified in pediatrics; a nurse coordinator, social worker and child psychologist form the core of this department which is complemented by any specialist that is required from within Children’s Hospital of New Jersey.

Specialized services provided by the Division of Child Development and Behavior include:

  • Early Intervention Program for infants through 3 year olds who have a high risk medical condition during infancy which places them at risk for future growth or developmental problems
  • For children 2 to 6 years of age with behavioral and emotional difficulties, the Therapeutic Learning Center provides assessment and treatment. Arrangements can be made and transportation provided for the child to spend part of the day at the Center for treatment.
  • Follow up with the child’s school to secure special services that may be available
  • Education and support groups for parents
  • Access to all subspecialties at Children’s Hospital of New Jersey including physical, occupational and speech therapy