Post-COVID Recovery Program

doctor talking with her patientThe Post-COVID Recovery Program at Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus (MMCSC) is helping COVID-19 patients with lingering health issues fully recover through coordinated rehabilitation and outpatient services designed to help them return to optimal health.

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“After a hospital discharge from COVID-19, or after recovering at home, patients can have limited function due to lingering respiratory illness and other long-haul symptoms,” explains Charles Markowitz, MD, Medical Director of the Department of Rehabilitation. “Patients may need
pulmonary, cardiac or physical therapy and in coordination with a patient’s physician, full recovery
is possible.

The Post-COVID Recovery Program, which is also available to COVID patients who were not hospitalized, offers coordinated outpatient rehabilitation, including physical and speech therapy, and access to a continuum of care, such as additional outpatient testing, radiology or prescriptions.

The Post-COVID Recovery Program is easy to get started. Patients can request a prescription from their physician and schedule an evaluation with through the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department.

If you suffered COVID-19 either as a hospital patient, or at home, and still have any of the following health issues:

  • Anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia
  • Chest discomfort, palpitations, and/or poor endurance with physical activity
  • Shortness of breath, coughing, and/or pain with deep breathing
  • Muscle pain, muscle weakness, joint pain and/or joint stiffness
  • Impaired sensation, altered sensation or numbness, radiating pain in limbs, and/or localized weakness of legs/feet or hands
  • Balance problems/unsteady gait, left versus right side weakness, new visual problems or hearing difficulties, difficulty thinking and/or feeling confused
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing, and/or difficulty speaking
  • Difficulty urinating and/or urinary incontinence
  • Poor appetite, nausea/vomiting, frequent diarrhea, gastrointestinal discomfort and/or bowel incontinence
  • Bedsores or other skin sores, involving lower back/sacrum and/or limbs/feet

Services We Provide

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation services for post-COVID respiratory symptoms
  • Physical therapy services for post-COVID pain, weakness, gait and balance problems
  • Cognitive therapy services for post-COVID foggy thinking, impaired memory, confusion, difficulty speaking and/or difficulty concentrating
  • Dysphagia therapy for post-COVID swallowing disorders
  • Electrodiagnostic testing for post-COVID neuropathies

If you suffered COVID-19 either as a hospital patient, or at home, don’t hesitate to seek follow-up care to get your daily life back on track. Contact the rehabilitation experts at MMCSC and ask about the Post-COVID Recovery Program by completing our online appointment request form, calling 732-886-4849 or emailing:

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Speak with your primary physician today.

Free transportation, within a 10 mile radius of the hospital, can also be arranged for patients with scheduled appointments.

Patient Stories

  • "I needed to find a way to get back to health quicker. The Post-COVID Recovery Program provided me with that."

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