Freedom From Smoking Program at CMC

RWJBarnabas Health partnered with the American Lung Association to provide training for employees to become certified Freedom From Smoking Facilitators. The Freedom From Smoking Program is an eight-week quit smoking program. Hundreds of thousands of people have become smoke free through a Freedom From Smoking Group Clinic which offers a structured, systematic approach to quit smoking.

In March 2017, Keri Britske, MBA, Community Outreach Manager, became a certified facilitator for Community Medical Center. In 2017, two sessions were held in the summer and fall. Three individuals attended the summer series beginning August 1. All three individuals successfully completed the program and were successful at quitting. The fall session, beginning October 5 also had three attendees. During this clinic, all three participants completed the clinic sessions. Two participants were successful quitting smoking and one had drastically reduced the amount she smoked.

The value of the program is to promote a smoke-free, healthy lifestyle providing participants with proven methods to create a quit short-term and long-term plan to remain smoke-free. Participants will learn how to know if they are ready to quit; medications that can increase the success of quitting, lifestyle changes, and coping strategies. The Freedom From Smoking Program will be held throughout the year.

If you have any questions about the Freedom From Smoking program, please call Keri Britske, MBA, Community Outreach Manager at (O) 732-557-3273; (C) 732-228-2768 or email: