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The Women's Imaging Center at Community Medical Center

Community Medical Center’s Comprehensive Breast Center provides a comprehensive approach to women’s health. Our facility brings state-of-the-art mammography and women’s imaging technology and an expert team to Ocean County. The hospital has a longstanding history of adapting and expanding to offer the latest achievements, treating patients with compassionate care and providing clinical experience.

Our professionals at the Comprehensive Breast Center are eager to help patients proactively maintain their health and provide the highest quality services focusing specifically on female-oriented health issues.

We ensure that all diagnostic studies at the Comprehensive Breast Center are performed by highly trained, licensed and certified female radiologic technologists, and are reviewed by board-certified radiologists who specialize in mammography. Ultrasound studies and DXA Scans are performed by registered technologists and are interpreted by board-certified physicians who are specialists in their fields. Nurse educators are accessible to provide valuable information to patients regarding breast self-exams, women’s health issues, and access to additional resources.

Breast Exams

3D Mammography

Screening Mammograms

Screening mammograms are offered to women without symptoms in accordance with the American Cancer Society guidelines for mammography. Patients are notified of their results by MyChart or mail.

Diagnostic Mammograms

Diagnostic mammograms are provided for women with breast concerns. At the Comprehensive Breast Center, we offer immediate, same-day results on most diagnostic mammograms. For most women, this means they can leave the Center with peace of mind.

Double-Assurance for Screening Mammograms

The Comprehensive Breast Center is the first facility in the region providing digital computer-aided detection (iCAD®) for patients having a screening mammogram. The iCAD® System highlights areas for the radiologists to review. This new technology has been shown to assist the radiologist in identifying suspicious areas. A board certified radiologist then independently reviews each patient’s mammogram, providing the most accurate reading possible.

Whole Breast Screening Ultrasound

A breast ultrasound or sonogram is a non-invasive diagnostic test that uses sound waves to create a digital image of breast tissue. It is another procedure in the arsenal of early detection of breast cancer.

Breast ultrasounds are often prescribed for women with dense breasts and are frequently used to screen for breast cancer following a mammogram.

Breast ultrasound is safe for most women—even during pregnancy—because it does not emit radiation. While a breast ultrasound is a highly-effective supplemental diagnostic procedure, it should not replace a mammogram.

Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound

Following a diagnostic mammogram, the radiologist may request an ultrasound of the breast to fully evaluate an abnormality identified on a mammogram. The sonogram can be performed before you leave the Center, avoiding unnecessary delay.

Additional Breast Diagnostic Services

Breast MRI

Breast MRI, offered at Community Medical Center, is a non-invasive procedure used to evaluate the breast, providing a comprehensive picture from top to bottom and front to back, as well as the chest wall and surrounding tissues. MRI uses a large magnet, radio waves and a computer to scan a woman’s breasts.

The images are unlike those provided by conventional x-rays or ultrasound. Breast MRI does not replace routine screening techniques, such as mammography, breast self-exams or clinical breast exams performed by your physician. It may be used for evaluating high-risk patients, patients who have a strong family history or genetic history (BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes) or breast disease, or to rule out abnormalities after conventional mammography or ultrasound prove to be inconclusive. In the case where breast cancer has already been diagnosed, Breast MRI may be used for further evaluation of the other breast and to assess treatment. Your physician will determine if Breast MRI is appropriate for you.

Preparing for your breast MRI

Ultrasound, Stereotactic (X-Ray) or MRI Guided Core Biopsy

These procedures can enable the radiologist to obtain a sample of tissue from the breast without making a surgical incision. Depending upon the patient’s needs, ultrasound, x-ray or MRI technology guide the radiologist in locating the area that needs to be biopsied.

Breast Cyst Aspiration with Ultrasound Guidance

With the use of ultrasound, the radiologist can accurately pinpoint breast cysts and aspirate them for further evaluation.

Breast Needle Localization

If it is determined that surgical biopsy is needed, a breast needle localization procedure may be performed prior to surgery. Through the use of mammography or ultrasound, the radiologist is able to pinpoint the exact location within the breast where the biopsy needs to be performed.

When the precise area is determined, the radiologist will insert a small wire to assist the surgeon in identifying the abnormal site.

Additional Ultrasound Services

The Comprehensive Breast Center offers a complete program of high-resolution ultrasound scanning utilizing advanced techniques which represent the cutting edge of ultrasound technology.

Abdominal Ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound enables physicians to evaluate organs of the upper abdomen including the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, spleen, pancreas and vessels.

Gynecologic Ultrasound

Gynecologic ultrasound evaluates pelvic organs, focusing mainly on the uterus and ovaries.

Obstetrical Ultrasound

Obstetrical ultrasound evaluates fetal growth and helps detect fetal abnormalities during pregnancy. It can be performed during the first.

Additional ultrasound services are available through the Community Medical Center Radiology Department.

Osteoporosis Screening

When should I have a DXA Scan? Osteoporosis Detection Recommendations

Often known as the silent disease, osteoporosis can go undetected until a broken bone appears. Early detection and treatment are invaluable in helping those with osteoporosis to stay as active as possible. Bone density testing is a safe, quick, non-invasive and completely painless procedure which detects osteoporosis at its earliest stages, when treatment is most effective. The current recommendation is for women to be screened by having a bone density test around the age of menopause, a repeat test every two years on the same machine is recommended.


Why Choose Our Breast Center

A Commitment to Excellence

A host of quality recognitions illustrate our commitment to high quality care.

ACR Accreditation for Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Joining a select number of breast imaging centers across the nation, The Comprehensive Breast Center at Community Medical Center was designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology's (ACR) Commission on Quality and Safety and the Commission on Breast Imaging.

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers

The Comprehensive Breast Center is granted a three-year full accreditation designation by The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) for "providing the highest quality evaluation and management of patients with breast disease."

Community Medical Center’s Comprehensive Breast Center passes the annual Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspection for being in total compliance with stringent requirements under the federal Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

For more information or to schedule an appointment:

The Comprehensive Breast Center at Community Medical Center offers both early and late appointments for your convenience. Please call 732-557-3363 for more information.

Most insurances, including Medicare, are accepted.

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