CyberKnife Program

Learn about the CyberKnife Program

Meet Dr. David D'Ambrosio, Medical Director, CyberKnife Program, and learn about the benefits of this lifesaving technology.

How CyberKnife Treatments Work

Understanding CyberKnife as a treatment option for cancer patients.

CyberKnife is an advanced technology that delivers a specialized form of radiation therapy called stereotactic radiosurgery, or stereotactic body radiation therapy. It is the only system to continuously stay on target despite patient and tumor motion. It enables tumors to be treated anywhere in the body with confidence and without compromise. For more information on how we treat with CyberKnife.

Patient Stories

  • “For me, the choice was simple,” says Thomas, who scheduled his first consultation with Dr. D’Ambrosio on August 6—which, coincidentally, was the day Barbara had her knee replacement surgery at Community Medical Center.

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Patient Stories

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