For Our Observant Jewish Patients

Meeting the Special Needs of Our Observant Jewish Patients

Community Medical Center has a variety of services and facilities available to meet the needs of patients and visitors from the observant Jewish community. We will make every effort to ensure that your stay at Community Medical Center is a comfortable, meaningful and positive one.

Kosher Pantries

There is a kosher pantry on the Maternity Unit, located on the fifth floor. It is on the post partum side of the unit. After passing the Security Desk and waiting area, it will be on the right. There is also a kosher pantry on the first floor. It is located in the first hallway after the Security Desk in the Main Lobby.

Sabbath Candles

Because of fire regulations, candles are not permitted in the hospital. Electric candles are available in the kosher pantry or by contacting the Patient Satisfaction Department at 732.557.8078 or ext. 18078 from within the hospital.

Prayer Room

A prayer room is located within the Maternity Unit on the post partum side. After passing the Security Desk and waiting area, it will be on the right.

Entering and Exiting the Hospital on the Sabbath and Holidays

On the Sabbath and holidays, patients and visitors may enter Community Medical Center through the manual door located near the Main Entrance. To the left of the handicap door at the Main Entrance there is a courtyard with benches. Follow the pathway through the courtyard to the door with the blue awning. Once inside, follow signs to the Sabbath stairwell and the Sabbath elevator.

The Maternity Unit is on the fifth floor. The Security Officer will provide you with assistance.


For special needs during holidays, please contact our Chaplains’ office at 732.557.2778 or ext. 12778. A Sukkah is located in the courtyard next to the Main Entrance during Sukkot.

For additional information:

Chaplain: 732.557.2778 or ext. 12778 from within the hospital

Food Services: 732.557.8143 or ext. 18143 from within the hospital

Housekeeping: 732.557.8005 or ext. 18005 from within the hospital

Patient Information: 732.557.8003 or ext. 18003 from within the hospital

Patient Satisfaction: 732.557.8078 or ext. 18078 from within the hospital

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