Senior Health Services at Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Statewide Clinical Outreach Program for the Elderly

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Welcome to S-COPE

S-COPE is grant-funded through the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) and administered by Trinitas Regional Medical Center—there is no cost for these services. S-COPE provides crisis response, consultation and training for the management of psychiatric and behavioral issues in older adults residing in long-term care settings. S-COPE functions as a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a gero-psychiatrists (consultant), geriatric advanced nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed social worker, and masters level clinicians.


Individuals who are 55+ presenting with behavioral issues related to Dementia or mental illnesses. Individuals must reside in long-term care settings.

How to Access S-COPE

S-COPE services are accessed by screening centers, psychiatric in-patient units and, Long-Term care facilities by calling our toll free number 1-855-718-2699, 24 hours a day 7 days a week or by fax 973-334-1763

S-COPE provides the following services:

Initial Assessment

Face to Face on site assessments, providing recommendations regarding level of support needed by residents and staff. Face to face assessments include:

  • Consultation with staff and review of medical chart
  • Consultation with individual 55 and older experiencing dementia and psychiatric related behaviors.
  • Cognitive Testing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Depression/Suicidality testing tools
  • Recommendations on how to maintain client in their living environment

In addition: S-COPE provides the following services:

  • Short term assistance with adjustment and transition from various settings to long term care facilities. Including discharge from state hospital and community living.
  • Assisting staff with developing emergency protocols for best use of acute care psychiatric resources.
  • Assessment use to assist in behavioral management
  • On-site training and education to staff to manage behavioral problems.


We have offices in

  • Northern Region - Parsippany, New Jersey
  • Central Region - Cranford, New Jersey
  • Lower Central Region - Wall Township, New Jersey
  • Southern Region - Stratford, New Jersey


S-COPE services provide a number of trainings a year to facilities statewide. Clinicians provide education to facility staff from every area which will be able to supply your staff with the tools for a positive work approach when managing the geriatric population. Individualized trainings to your staff can be provided on a day and time that works for you. Please see example topics below.

S-COPE provides the following on site trainings to staff but is not limited to

  • ABC tracking guidelines
  • Challenging behavior in residents
  • Communication tips for dementia
  • Crisis intervention techniques
  • Depression, Anxiety and Suicide prevention
  • Grief and loss
  • Mental Health and Aging
  • Inappropriate Sexual behaviors in long-term care facility
  • Handling resident to resident altercations
  • Stages of Dementia
  • Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviors
  • PTSD

In addition S-COPE offers eight regional trainings a year divided into topics across the state.

S-COPE’s annual conference is yearly!

To register for trainings please contact Leslie Diana at 908-272-3606

Project ECHO

What is Project ECHO?

Project ECHO is an educational and guided practice that increases workforce capacity to provide best practice specialty and reduce health disparities. ECHO uses virtual conferencing via a platform called ZOOM to hold sessions with guests and partners, including, hospitals, nursing homes, and clinicians who manage cares for S-COPE. Partners can participate via, smart phones, laptop, desktop or tablet.

Each ECHO session includes two to three case presentations and a brief exercise or didactic on a related topic. All information is HIPPA compliant and de-identified for each case. The sessions last approximately 1.5 hours and can be accessed via ZOOM.

Facts about Project ECHO

ECHO is not tele-medicine and it is not a billable service. It is free to all participants. It provides a multidirectional flow of knowledge. It also allows partners to access an expert multidisciplinary team who provides, mentoring, advice and support. S-COPE services provide follow up service to assist provider in implementing the recommendations and providers will have an opportunity to discuss the case again and determine if the recommendations were effective.

To attend or for more information on Project Echo and a full schedule of upcoming sessions please contact Nicole DonDiego at or 732-280-1547.

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

WHAT IS I/DD—Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities?

A developmental disability interferes with an individual’s normal development. This can be intellectual, physical, or both. Some examples: Spina bifida, Epilepsy, Intellectual disability, Other conditions that impair growth and development , Down Syndrome, Cerebral palsy, Developmental delay , Prader-Willi syndrome Autism

Some Warning signs of Dementia with individuals with I/DD include: Personality changes, Difficulty doing tasks, Getting lost or misdirected, or Confusion in familiar areas

To attend an Aging/IDD ECHO please contact Nicole DonDiego at or 732-280-1547 for further information.

Further Questions or Information needed contact Susan Caputo, S-COPE Program Director at or 1-855-718-2699