You've decided that you have a sleep disorder and you want to take the next step. We're happy that you have decided to take decisive action to deal with your problem. There are two main methods to accessing our services:

Call Us Directly

You can call us directly at (908) 994-8694 to discuss your problem and make an appointment. We can do sleep studies during the evening, or during the day (depending on your preference and work schedule). We'll take your basic information and ask you questions about your medical history, sleep history, insurance information and other pertinent subjects.

We'll schedule you for a sleep study and send you a packet of materials you'll need to fill out in advance (application forms, sleep diary, medical history, etc.) that will help us process your information quickly once you arrive.

You can also use the Contact form on our site if you prefer.

Physician Referral

You can visit your primary care physician, or a specialist, and ask whether a sleep study can h3e helpful in your particular case. If your physician agrees, we can send your doctor a referral form that will help expedite the process and allow us to set up the particular test, or tests, that your physician wants us to run.

Then, we'll work closely with your physician to provide detailed results and a list of recommended courses of action.

Once you understand the nature of your problem, and the options at your disposal, you can make the most informed decision ah3out what steps you'd like to take to resolve your particular sleep disorder.

Insurance Information

We will work with all patients to find out if your sleep study is covered by your insurance plan. Call us at (908) 994-8694 and we'll try to help you navigate through the coverage process.