Medical Records

A confidential medical record will be kept of the care and services you receive. According to federal, state and local regulations, only the physicians and staff members assigned to your care and other health care professionals will be able to review these records. Trinitas complies with all applicable requirements of the Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and its related regulations. The information that is collected about you is stored securely and is accessed only by authorized staff; this includes password security for information stored electronically.

Medical Records Request

It is the policy and obligation of TRMC to protect the confidentiality of the patient's medical record. Any information contained in the medical record is confidential and protected by federal and state law. Therefore, patient information may only be released upon receipt of appropriate patient authorization, valid subpoena or court order.

To obtain a copy of your medical records upon completion of a written request, please print and complete one of the Authorization To Use and Disclose Health Information forms below. You may either mail or bring it to our office (located on the Ground level):

Trinitas Regional Medical Center
Health Information Services Department

225 Williamson St.
Elizabeth, NJ 07202
(908) 994-5315

Click here for the Authorization to use and disclose health information form.

Click here for the Authorization to use and disclose health information form (En Español).

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday, 8:30AM-5PM

Records requested for continuing care purposes will be sent directly to your physician or other health care facility. If you have a follow-up appointment, please be sure to include the date of your appointment on your request. An abstract of your record containing all pertinent parts of the chart including doctors' reports, laboratory, radiology, and other diagnostic test results will be faxed or mailed to your health care provider at no charge.

All other requests for copies of the medical record will be mailed or available for pick up within 30 days. There are fees associated with photocopying medical records that are set in accordance with New Jersey State law. We will let you know how much the total charge will be once we retrieve your records. Upon receipt of your payment, the requested information will be forwarded.

If you have any other questions or need further information, please feel free to contact our Health Information Services Department.

For Radiology images (CD), please contact the Radiology Department at (908) 994-5051.

For copies of hospital bills, please contact the Patient Accounts Department at (908) 994-8083.

For copies of birth or death certificates, please contact the Union County Office of Vital Statistics at (908) 820-4239.

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