Trinitas Regional Medical Center Patient Quotes

  • My experience with the Cancer Center has been extremely pleasant. From the time I entered the lobby to the present time, I have had respect and assistance from Kelly and Veronica in the Registration Dept.
  • Everyone is so nice and friendly and always smiling. I enjoyed my visit today.
  • Please continue to maintain a clean, friendly and safe environment for patients new and old. Can be comfortable to re-visit any time. I really enjoyed my first visit to the facility and look forward to coming back to the friendly, patient staff, I've seen in a long time. When I left the facility I felt that you care about my comfort level. Thank you Dr. Capo, staff, and employees.
  • Registration was quick and easy. Staff was very friendly and accommodating.
  • The entire staff was very professional and were helpful in calming my fears. They made my visit very pleasant.
  • Everything was excellent nurses, aides and doctor, all great. Good atmosphere-very cordial.
  • I've been coming here since April, 2006 and it amazes me how everyone knows my name. Everyone is so pleasant and cheerful. The personnel gets A+.
  • Good services and very good care with the patients; professionalism in all service provided in this center. Congratulations TCCC.
  • If I had a choice I would recommend this facility as a kind & courteous place where the people really care about everyone.
  • I'm very pleased for finding personnel very attentive and accommodating, overall that they speak Spanish. Thanks for your help.
  • I have really felt comfortable here. The whole center staff made me feel like they cared. This helps with healing. Thank you all.
  • Radiation therapy staff is an excellent staff, just wonderful.
  • Excellent staff.
  • My experience could not have been any better.
  • The Trinitas Center is a very nice place. Everyone from the custodial staff to the doctor's were very nice. Thank you
  • All staff involved in this area are very professional and well versed in knowledge-based subjects.
  • Hospital facilities are immaculate, hospital layout is excellent and my family and I always feel comfortable being there. On average, changing rooms are adequately private.
  • Overall all my issues have been given personal concern, and I always feel I have been given good advice and personal concern about any issue engaged in with care.
  • Courteous and personal concern shown.
  • My doctor shows concern and his care is very good. He shows great concern for my condition and always discussing any new drug which may be best for my condition.
  • Excellent nursing staff, always made me feel comfortable and questions are always pleasantly answered.
  • Excellent accommodations, TV, phone for my use and questions are always pleasantly answered.
  • I never had pain, but I was given very good information about pain management.
  • I find all the staff in the Infusion Dept. to be great!
  • Excellent-very compassionate courteous staff-Top Notch 10+
  • Everyone at the cancer unit treats you like you are at home. They are so kind to the patients. Special attention makes you forget your problems.
  • The doctor treated me with understanding and kindness.

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Patient Stories

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