DBT Training

DBT Training for ProfessionalsDBT Training For Professionals

Thank you for your interest in training at the Trinitas Institute for Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Allied Treatments (TIDAT)! Whether you are new to DBT or have already worked in this treatment modality before, we offer a variety of training, supervision and consultation services to support you in learning how to provide DBT or to help you hone your existing skills in DBT. We can provide the following services:

  • Get an introduction to DBT theory/practice at one of our 1 day introduction to DBT trainings to see if it is a fit for you
  • Learn how to provide comprehensive DBT through training and clinical experience (see below)
  • Get consultation from our DBT faculty on cases you see in your own private practice
  • Have one of our DBT faculty come to your site to provide clinical consultation

Comprehensive Training Option

For those of you who are interested in learning through training and experience how Comprehensive Standard DBT is provided, you may apply to join our DBT team as a trainee. This option is open to clinicians who are still in school and clinicians who are already licensed and looking to learn DBT. The comprehensive training includes the following:

  • Thorough introductory training in DBT theory and application
  • One year of weekly individual supervision on the individual cases you see, including review and adherence coding of audio/video recordings of sessions
  • One year of live supervision while leading/co-leading a DBT skills group
  • Participation for one year in one of our Intensively Trained DBT teams
  • Option to also attend weekly group DBT supervision

To have this comprehensive opportunity all applicants will be required to:

  • Fill out and send in an application form along with a CV and 2 recommendation letters
  • Complete a face to face interview with some of our faculty
  • Agree and commit to the DBT team agreements, DBT assumptions and training expectations (see appendix A, B, C & D)

Appendix A: Consultation Team Agreements
Appendix B: 16 Commitments for Consultation Team
Appendix C: DBT Assumptions About Clients in Therapy
Appendix D: Comprehensive Training Expectations