For Patients, Families, and Employers

At Trinitas Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center, our goal is to help you get a good night's sleep. Your physician may recommend an Overnight Sleep Study, which can be done here on our premises. We have four rooms, each designed to accommodate all special needs.

You probably know you toss and turn, snore, not to mention you irritate your sleeping partner by doing so. You may not even realize how erratic and fragmented your sleep really is, but it’s important to have a sleep study to make a diagnosis, as a sleep disorder can be indicative of other problems that need attention.

During the sleep study, we'll record what happens, and our team of sleep specialists will analyze that information to determine the source of your problem. Whether you have sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs disorder, narcolepsy or gastroesophageal reflux, or some other problem, we'll pinpoint the issue and recommend steps to correct it.

Information for Families

If your spouse snores or gasps for air in their sleep, it’s natural for you to be concerned. While you likely know something is wrong, your spouse might deny any problem. Your search for answers has brought you here, to the Trinitas Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center.

If you are looking to have your spouse tested in a sleep lab, you can rely on our facility. We have a modern, private, fully equipped, and staffed Sleep Lab with the foremost experts professionals in the field of sleep medicine. Nothing is more rewarding to our team than getting a visit from a former patient, and their family, to say thank you for the dramatic change that has occurred in their lives.

Information for Employers

The Trinitas Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center was designed with you and your employees in mind. Recommending your employee seek testing for a sleep problem is a great way to show your concern. Not to mention, you can avoid potentially tragic consequences resulting from a drowsy driver causing a car accident. It’s important to be proactive about keeping your employees in the best physical shape possible.

At Trinitas Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center, our caring, concerned staff view diagnosing sleep disorders as more than just a job. Helping you and your employee through this successfully is their mission.

Ready to get started and learn more about sleep studies in Elizabeth, NJ? Please call our center at 908-994-8694.