Sleep Studies

Rest Easier After a Diagnosis & Treatment Plan from Our Sleep Specialists

Trinitas Regional Medical Center offers sleep studies to diagnose sleep disorders that impact your ability to get quality rest. Good sleep is an essential component of a healthy lifetime, and yet research from the National Sleep Foundation estimates 40 million Americans have a sleep disorder – and many aren’t even aware of it. Our team will monitor as you sleep, including polysomnographers, respiratory therapists, and a physician certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Our specialists treat many sleep conditions and are dedicated to helping you get the rest you need and deserve.

Some of the common sleep disorders we diagnose include:

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep apnea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Restless leg disorder
  • Parasomnias

What to Bring to the Sleep Lab

You should bring the following items with you:

  • Insurance ID cards
  • A referral note if your insurance requires one
  • Prescription medication you take
  • Lightweight sleeping attire (we recommend cotton pajamas or a cotton top and pants or shorts)
  • Any personal toiletries you use before bedtime and in the morning
  • A change of clothes for the morning
  • You may bring your own pillow, if desired

What To Avoid

Immediately prior to you arriving for your sleep study, please DO NOT use any of the following items:

  • No hair treatments, hairspray, hair gel, rollers, etc. No hairpieces, hair extensions, wigs and/or toupees. It is important that your hair is dry when you arrive.
  • No perfumes or colognes
  • No necklaces or earrings
  • No facial or body lotions
  • No satin, nylon, or silk underwear or pajamas (to avoid static electricity)

Dos And Don'ts

In the 24-hour period before your sleep study, here are some additional things you can/should not do:

  • Limit the amount of fluid intake 2-3 hours before you arrive at the Sleep Disorders Center
  • Do not consume alcohol on the day of your sleep study
  • Do not consume coffee on the day of your sleep study after 12 noon
  • You eat dinner as usual
  • Take your non-sleep related medications. If you take a prescribed sleep medication, you may bring that medication with you when you come to the Sleep Disorders Center.
  • Do not smoke after 12 noon, as nicotine can influence the results of your sleep study.
  • You can shower and shampoo your hair, but your hair must be completely dry before you arrive at the Sleep Disorders Center for your sleep study.
  • You can bring your favorite pillow if it will make you feel more comfortable.

The Trinitas Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center can be reached at 908-994-8694.