Our Process

Here is some information about what you can expect from the moment you contact the Trinitas Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center.

Courtesy. Respect. Professionalism. Understanding. Efficiency.

These words begin to describe how we treat each and every person who contacts us for help with their sleep disorder problems. We extend every courtesy we can to make your stay with us easy and comfortable. We respect the fact that you are here to solve a problem that is affecting you and your loved ones in a negative fashion. We exhibit professionalism in our dealings with you, in our commitment to continuing education and in bringing you the results you need. We are understanding about your issues; that they are important and need resolution. We use efficiency to get to the heart of the matter quickly to diagnose and treat you so you can get on with the rest of your life.

Taken together, we have devised a process whereby you can trust us to find the source of your problems and, through whatever means necessary, help you treat them and bring closure to your sleep disorder problems.

Until they are solved, your sleep-related problems are our problems. And, once we are assigned the task of helping you, we will not rest until you can rest comfortably.