Victor RichelThe long, rich history of health care in the City of Elizabeth is a classic story of volunteerism. From 1879 to today, courageous men and women have given their time to ensure that our community has the highest quality health care available anywhere. Over a period of nearly 140 years, dedicated and selfless men and women have forged a strong and productive relationship to advance the cause of health care for all.

The three hospitals that served our community: Alexian Brothers Hospital, Elizabeth General Medical Center and St. Elizabeth Hospital, had much in common. Most importantly, each was founded by volunteers who stepped forward to lead in a spirit of caring and compassion.

That same spirit led to the founding of Trinitas Regional Medical Center in January 2000, following the merger of Elizabeth General Medical Center and St. Elizabeth Hospital (the Alexian Brothers Hospital was acquired by Elizabeth General in 1991). And again, volunteers stepped forward to lead. Trinitas is the result of a shared vision by the Sisters of Charity - sponsors of Saint Elizabeth Hospital, and Elizabethtown Health Care Foundation - parent of Elizabeth General Medical Center.

Anyone who has served as a hospital trustee will tell you that it is at the same time a rewarding, thankless, exhilarating, frustrating, and life-changing experience. Such dedication is rare, and at Trinitas we are fortunate that there have always been men and women willing to give of themselves for the betterment of others.

With that said, I am honored to recognize the dedicated volunteers who comprise the various governing Board of Trinitas Regional Medical Center.


Victor M. Richel

Chair, Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Boards of Directors

Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Victor M. Richel - Chair

Sr. Maureen Shaughnessy, SC – Vice Chair

Thomas Kachelriess - Treasurer

Margaret McMenamin, Ed.D. Secretary

Nancy DiLiegro, Ph.D, FACHE – President and CEO

Abu Alam, MD

Alfonso Lopez

Gary S. Horan

Jan Margolis

Karim Khmani, MD

Paul Patten

Richard Mackessy,MS

Roderick Spearman

Ronald Pallant, MD

Sr. Eileen Clifford, SC, MD

Sr. Jacquelyn Balasia, SC

Tony Peolosi, CPA, MBA

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