Women's Addiction Services at Trinitas Regional Medical Center

If you, or someone you know drinks during pregnancy, the baby also drinks. One drink may not harm you, but it does harm your baby. Drinking can cause your baby to be born with a problem called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or FAS. FAS is a disorder that causes babies to be born very sick and small. As they grow older, they do not catch up with healthy children and may be mentally retarded. Physically, FAS babies look very different from healthy babies. They may have small, widely spaced eyes, a flat nose and small, flat cheeks.

Women's Addiction Services are special services Trinitas Regional Medical Center offers to chemically dependent women that are pregnant, post partum, or have dependent children. Women who are chemically dependent need to address special issues that a regular substance abuse program would not address. Our programs encourage women and their families to work together in treatment. Our specially trained staff is there to provide and meet the needs of each family member.

This intensive outpatient program is modeled on the principles of case management. It addresses the specific needs of each individual, which may include medical, pediatric or child welfare. We work in conjunction with other service providers to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Outreach programs are available to service special populations including HIV and welfare to work participants.

Q. When is the program offered?

A. Depending on the needs of the patient, the program is in operation five days a week (Monday-Friday), up to 5 hours a day. Transportation and free child care are available.

A. Residential support service is available to families in need of an inpatient level of care.

For additional information about Women's Addiction Services call (908) 994-7120

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