Palliative Care at Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Palliative care is "...a philosophy of care that provides a combination of active and compassionate therapies intended to comfort and support patients and families who are living with life-threatening illness, being sensitive and respectful of their religious, cultural and personal beliefs, values and traditions." (Canadian Palliative Care Association, 1995)

The role of the Trinitas palliative care team is to help the patient, family and the health care team communicate and understand one another. Palliative care is not just for people who might die soon. It is a caring resource for anyone with a long-term disease that will, in time, probably cause their death. Some examples are cancer, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and older persons having general discomfort and functional decline late in life.

Who Provides Palliative Care?

Depending on the needs of the patient and the family, a team of health care professionals provides palliative care. Usually, this includes physicians, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, social workers, chaplains, pharmacists, dietitians, physical, respiratory and speech therapists, case managers and nursing assistants.

When Is the Right Time for Palliative Care?

Palliative Care can be started at any stage of a loved one's life-limiting illness. When your loved one is admitted, we focus on learning about his/her wishes. We help patients and families with difficult decisions. We provide comfort with dignity. We ease concerns through family meetings and ongoing dialogue.

Interdisciplinary Services

  • Expert pain management
  • Management of other symptoms such as breathlessness, nausea and anxiety
  • Attention to emotional and spiritual needs
  • Help in setting goals of care and making complex treatment choices
  • Coordination of efforts of the health care team: primary care physician, cancer specialists, neurologists, surgeons, heart specialists and other professional team members
  • Transition to nursing home, home care services, or residential/home hospice as needed
  • Referral for bereavement support

Information To Share

  • Advance Directives/Health Care Proxy
  • Medical Care and End-of-Life Preferences
  • Religious Traditions
  • Customs

Questions To Ask Doctors

  • What can we expect to happen in the next few hours, days, weeks?
  • Why is this new treatment (or test) suggested?
  • How will it change the current plan of care?
  • Will a new treatment help my relative get better?
  • What are the side effects?
  • What if it doesn’t work?


  • Located on the First Floor, main hallway.
  • Open from 5am until 8:30pm

Food Service

For your convenience, the medical center maintains a cafeteria and a coffee shop. The Cafeteria is located on the First Floor behind the elevators off the Main Lobby. The Coffee Shop is located off the Main Lobby. There is also a vending machine area located on the First Floor in the main hallway off the Lobby, near the Chapel.

Other Questions

For additional information, visit these websites:

Palliative Care In the Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) specializes in continuous monitoring and evaluation of patients with critical medical conditions. The patient and family, their values and goals, needs and hopes, questions and concerns, background information and suggestions are all central to our care. On a daily basis, our ICU provides caring palliative attention for our patients. This specialized care is aimed at relieving suffering and helping patients and their families understand all possible treatment options. This care also manages the pain or symptoms that may accompany serious illness.

Soon after a patient is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), we meet with the family to review our findings, answer questions, and discuss a plan of care.

Family Communication

If there is a change in your family member's condition, a staff member will call you. Please tell the nurse caring for your family member how you would like to receive daily updates. Normally, a family meeting is scheduled by the third day after ICU admission.

ICU Care Team

  • Medical Director: 908-994-5331
  • Nurse Manager: 908-994-5198
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist: 908-994-5149
  • Palliative Care Director: 908-994-5851
  • SocialWorker: 908-994-5136
  • Pastoral Care: 908-994-5011

Visiting Hours

You are welcome to visit at any hour. Whenever possible, we want you to be involved in the care and comfort of your family member. However, at times, the staff may ask you to wait in the waiting room.

Nursing Stations

  • Rooms 2001-2008: 908-994-5176
  • Rooms 2009-2015: 908-994-5173
  • Rooms 2016-2022: 908-994-5770
  • Rooms 2012-2025: 908-994-8575

Family Consultation Room

  • Located outside of Room 2021.