What Is An MRI?

MRI machineMRI/MRA (Magnetic Resonance Imagings/Angiography) is a non-invasive procedure (no cut or surgical opening performed on the patient) that uses computers to obtain detailed images of your body. MRI does not use x-rays. It takes advantage of the water molecules in your body combined with a powerful magnetic unit and radio frequencies to obtain images. The body part to be examined is placed into a device called as MRI coil, which is used to transmit and receive signals from your body. A computer interprets the signals into a series of detailed images which is then transferred to a monitor or a sheet of film similar to x-ray film.

A specialist known as a Radiologist reads your images and the interpretation of the images (readings) are sent to your doctor who ordered the examination.

What To Expect

  • You will be asked to change into a medical gown and pants. A locker is provided in each dressing room for your valuables and clothing.
  • In the MRI room, you will be asked to lie on a padded table and told what is expected of you during your examination. You will be made as comfortable as possible prior to going into the unit. It is important to lie still and relax.
  • You will be given earplugs prior to going into the MRI unit because the machine makes continuous loud knocking noises.
  • The table will slide into the MRI unit for your scan.
  • The MRI examination averages between fifteen to 30 minutes and is broken up into sequences.
  • The technologist will talk to you before and after each sequence.
  • Feel free to ask questions at any time. - Some examinations require the use of a contrast-enhancing agent that is used to help visualize different organs. It does not contain iodine and no special preparation is required.
  • You may have a friend or relative accompany you into the examination room.
  • A buzzer will be handed to you to alert our personnel if you are feeling uncomfortable during the examination.

MRI Preparation

There are no special diet or preparation necessary for an MRI examination except for MRCP

  • MRCP requires fasting from midnight until time of procedure
  • Avoid using hairclips or any accessories that are metallic
  • Remove your hearing aids
  • Do not bring any cards using metallic strips inside the scanning room

IMPORTANT! You must inform our staff if you have the following:

  • A Pacemaker
  • A Tens Unit
  • Aneurysm Clips
  • Had Recent Surgery (Less Than a Month)
  • Any Implanted Devices


  • Medical insurance policies vary and some require pre-authorization. You should confirm your coverage before your appointment.
  • Bring your insurance identification to assist in the proper filing and billing of your examination and two types of picture ID.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out a form with your medical history.

MRI Hours of Operation

    8:30am - 7pm
    8:30am - 7pm
    8:30am - 7pm
    8:30am - 7pm
    8:30am - 7pm
    8am - 4pm



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