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Support Services

At The Center, support services are an integral part of comprehensive cancer care, because a cancer diagnosis affects and impacts every part of life. For patients and families, support can mean empowerment , moving forward and learning to manage challenging circumstances as positively as possible. The Center provides a wide range of cancer support services and specific programs and groups led by Patient Navigators, specially trained and highly experienced Social Workers, and cancer survivors.

Cancer Support Groups

Led by our social workers, support groups give patients opportunities to meet other cancer survivors and give strength to each other. The Center is also affiliated with many programs designed to offer patients assistance within the community, as well as with daily living activities.

For information on affiliated programs and community groups, including Happiness Unlimited and Operation Bling, please call The Center’s social work department at (973) 926-7230. The following Cancer Support Groups are held regularly at The Center, and are moderated by our social workers.


A cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult challenges any individual or family will ever face. Counseling can help ease the burden. Our dedicated and specially trained social work staff are available to support individual needs of patients before, during, and after treatment. Working closely with our nurses and physicians, our social workers counsel and help patients reach each milestone through therapy and recovery. Individual counseling as well as group support is provided at The Center.

For information on individual counseling and support groups, please contact us at (973) 926-7230.

Cancer Survivor's Day

Cancer Survivors’ Day a Success for Patients & Families

Cancer Survivors DayAny patient currently or previously treated by the Cohen Center is invited to this annual celebration of life. During a candlelight ceremony, cancer patients were given a lit candle, which they then used to light the candles of their guests. When all the candles were glowing, patients were called up and acknowledged by the number of years they have been cancer-free.

As a comprehensive Cancer Center, the site offers the most advanced cancer services for diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer. Newark Beth Israel Medical Center is recognized as a leading center for cancer care in the greater Newark area and throughout New Jersey.

For an appointment with a medical oncologist, call (973) 926-7230.
For an appointment with a radiation oncologist, call (973) 926-7320.

Nutrition Services

For patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, good nutrition can help the body respond more favorably to treatments and medications. Our nutritionists provide both outpatient and inpatient nutritional assessments and nutritional counseling services. Nutritional counseling is highly individualized and recommendations are based on unique needs as well as patient food preferences. In addition to individual nutritional counseling for patients and families, The Center’s registered dietitians provide nutrition education sessions and workshops related to common issues patients face during treatment.

Topics include:

  • “What to Eat When You’re Not Hungry”
  • “Overcoming Nutrition-Related Side Effects”
  • “Appetite Changes”

For information on Nutritional Counseling Services, please contact us at (973) 926-7230.


The American Cancer Society’s resource database contains 35,000+ cancer-related resources and supportive services available from ACS, local and national organizations.

Patient Stories

  • “The years ahead of me are about living my life with meaning and purpose. God has given me a second chance at life, and now I know I have the strength to fight any battle.”

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  • "I want other women to know that cancer is a diagnosis, not a lifestyle. It’s a mental thing, too. You need to stay focused, stay positive. It’s OK to be scared, but if you catch it early doctors can help you.”

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  • Everyone I encountered during all my experiences at NBI were genuine and encouraging. I want everyone to know that serious health issues like I had are not the end of the world. We have a team of awesome doctors here to help us.

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Patient Stories

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