Hemophilia Treatment Center

One of only four state-designated centers in New Jersey, the Comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Center at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center provides care to both pediatric and adult patients with inherited bleeding and clotting disorders. The Center offers complete evaluations by a team of experts including hematologists, nurses, psychosocial professionals and physical therapists. Consultation by infectious disease specialists, dentists, nutritionists, gastroenterologists, orthopedists and other specialists is provided as needed.

Our Center’s goal is to provide the latest advances in treatment for people with hemophilia, assist in the care of the complications of hemophilia, and continue to provide support to persons with hemophilia and their families with the goal of achieving a normal lifestyle.

The Center provides care for children and adults with von Willebrand disease and other bleeding disorders. Patients with thrombosis (clotting disorder) receive comprehensive treatment at the center. We also coordinate a home care program which enables persons with hemophilia to lead normal, productive lives. The home care program allows for immediate treatment, thus avoiding the delay, stress and cost of emergency room care.
Adult and pediatric infectious disease and gastrointestinal specialists provide comprehensive care for hemophilia patients with AIDS and/or hepatitis and their partners.

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday — 8:30 am to 4:30 pm by appointment
24-Hour emergency services are also available.
The Center participates in most insurance plans and managed care programs.

Patients can receive hemophilia care by appointment as well as emergency treatment and consultation 24 hours a day.