Cardiology Services

A recognized leader in cardiac care, Community Medical Center is dedicated to reducing the impact of heart disease and improving quality of life by offering a continuum of care that includes cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

With close to 90,000 visits to the Emergency Department annually, CMC is at the center of cardiac care for Ocean County and treats more patients with cardiac disease than any other hospital in New Jersey without a cardiac surgery program. Utilizing the most advanced treatment options available, CMC's highly skilled cardiologists, award-winning cardiac nurses and specially trained cardiac technicians pride themselves in providing exceptional patient-centered care.

The Non-Invasive Cardiac Lab (NICL) provides diagnostic cardiology services, including:


Invasive Diagnostic Services include:

  • Implanted Loop Recorder _ Pacemaker Program
  • Transesophageal Echocardiogram
  • Two Cardiac Catheterization Labs

Cardiac Catheterizations

CMC's interventional cardiologists, cardiac nurses and technicians performed more than 1,600 diagnostic cardiac catheterizations in CMC's two Cardiac Catheterization Labs. The Labs are fully equipped with digitally-advanced technology to evaluate heart function, the presence of heart disease and the need for further treatment.

Elective and Emergent Angioplasty

Interventional cardiologists at CMC performed 426 elective angioplasties. An additional 113 emergent angioplasties, which are life-saving angioplasty procedures, were done on an emergency basis.

Advanced Radiologic Technology

The GE LightSpeed Volume 64-slice Computed Tomography (VCT) is a non-invasive screening tool that is faster than conventional CTs. This scanner performs Coronary CT Angiography, the most advanced non-invasive CT exam available to detect coronary artery disease.

Specialized Cardiac Care

Inpatient Units are staffed by highly-experienced cardiologists and nurses and care for patients with heart disease and those who have undergone cardiac procedures.

Critical Care Units offer individualized care for patients with a variety of high-risk cardiac diagnoses, such as myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure and unstable angina.

Centralized Telemetry Monitoring - includes an upgrade to the telemetry system and provides one central location where all telemetry monitoring takes place. A team of 17 skilled Telemetry Technicians have undergone extensive training and provide "constant eyes" on monitors all times.

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Patient Stories

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