Centralized Telemetry Monitoring

Centralized Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring Program

Community Medical Center has taken cardiac telemetry monitoring to the next level by establishing a Centralized Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring Program that includes an upgrade to the telemetry system and provides one central location where all telemetry monitoring takes place. A team of 17 skilled Telemetry Technicians have undergone extensive training and provide "constant eyes" on monitors all times.


Community Medical Center has 192 beds equipped with cardiac telemetry which allows for continuous monitoring of a patient's heart rate and rhythm. Through the use of telemetry, if a patient develops a heart arrhythmia, the Telemetry Technician alerts the nurse who responds quickly to address the issue. The patient's cardiologist uses this information as a diagnostic tool and to determine treatment.

This new program improves patient safety through prompt arrhythmia recognition. Heart rhythm problems, or arrhythmias, occur when the electrical impulses that coordinate heartbeats are not working properly and cause the heart to beat too fast, too slow or irregularly.

The Telemetry Technicians are in constant communication with a patient's nurse through the Vocera communication system and can alert the nurse of any changes to the patient's heart rhythm. Vocera is a voice-controlled, wireless and wearable device that enables instant two-way communication throughout the hospital.

Centralized monitoring improves patient safety with the added benefit of increasing the amount of time nurses are able to spend with their patients. This program is elevating patient safety and improves communication caregivers.

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