Barbara F Complex Aortic Valve Repair at NBI Helps South Jersey Mom

"I need to be there for my daughter."

Mohammed Haris Usman, MD
Mohammed Haris
Usman, MD

It was a normal morning like any other when Barbara (Bobbie) Farra, 53, of Manchester Township in Ocean County, collapsed on the floor of her living room in front of her 16 year old daughter. She was unresponsive and her daughter immediately called 911. Bobbie had never experienced an episode like this before.

After several tests, her cardiologist Mohammed Haris Usman, MD, at Community Medical Center, discovered that she had a Bicuspid Aortic Valve (BAV) an aortic valve that contains only two cusps (or flaps) instead of three, which was now causing regurgitation (leaky heart valve), it is a rare condition which could eventually lead to heart failure.

Ioannis Loumiotis, MD
Ioannis Loumiotis, MD

Dr. Usman referred her to Cardiovascular and Aortic Surgeon Ioannis Loumiotis, MD, Director of Aortic Surgery, RWJBarnabas Health Northern Division at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center (NBI).

Dr. Loumiotis is one of the few cardiothoracic surgeons in the country who can repair rather than replace this unusual valve. He and his team performed the complex surgery at NBI and Bobbie was back home in 6 days.

“My daughter’s father died when she was very young, and as a single mom, I need to be there for my daughter,” said Bobbie.

This Mother’s Day Bobbie is excited to celebrate with her mother and her daughter. The three generations will enjoy driving along the Jersey Shore. Bobbie’s daughter got her driver’s license the Thursday before Mother’s Day, and she will be in the driver’s seat.

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