NICHE Care for Older Adults

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital New Brunswick is proud to carry the NICHE Designation as a sign of our commitment to patient-centered care for our older adult patients. NICHE hospitals recognize that older adult patients have specialized needs and that patient- and family-centered care is imperative to creating a positive experience for the older adult patient. NICHE hospitals are committed to creating a hospital culture where the principal focus is on patients and their families. As a result, NICHE hospitals have higher patient and family satisfaction overall.

The Importance of Families and Patient-Directed Care

Families provide a vital link between the patient and hospital staff. NICHE has developed a number of useful tools and resources for patients and their families to help them cope with hospitalization and communicate better with the healthcare team. The "Need to Know" series is an effort to meet the important information needs of older adult patients and their families. These informational sheets, written in simple, easy-to-understand terms, help prepare people for the realities of hospitalization.

"The Need to Know" series is made available to the public through the NICHE Hospital network.