Organizing a Blood Drive

Most people don't realize that they can host a blood donation drive right in their local community or workplace. You can. Hosting a blood drive is not only the ultimate demonstration of volunteerism and community service, but many find that organizing a drive in their community or place of business is a great way to support their loved ones' medical needs.

RWJUH Blood Services makes it easy

You'll find that hosting a volunteer blood drive is one of the most important and generous ways to give of your time. You'll be making a difference in patient health care and savings lives! RWJUH Blood Services is here to help you every step of the way. We'll ensure a seamless process, giving you the tools to market your blood drive, recruit donors and prepare the location. Our dedicated blood drive mobile team can travel to most places throughout our state to run a blood drive on behalf of one of our patients.

The steps we take together

You are an integral part of the blood drive you host, but our staff will ensure the success of your event by providing expertise and materials. To get the word out about your event, we will:

  • promote your drive on this website and through our social media channels
  • provide you with printed and electronic materials to educate and encourage participation
  • visit the drive site to make sure it will meet the needs of the donors to provide an optimum experience for everyone involved

Donating blood in our Donor Room

Sometimes, running a blood drive is not an option, so we also offer the convenience of a fixed-site Donor Center on the campus of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH). We would be happy to help you promote this option and even assign a unique code so we can track donors that come in to support your loved one. Our Donor Center has convenient hours. The Donor Center is large enough to hold several donors at one time, so patients' family and friends can make individual appointments that meet their schedules. They can have an option of either whole blood or automated donation.

Contact Sally Wells at or Michael Leviton at to learn more about hosting a blood drive in your community or in our Donor Center.

By running a volunteer blood drive, you play a big part in helping to secure enough blood and platelets for those in need.