Keeping Everyone Safe

Having surgery can be a scary prospect during the best of times, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have increased concerns. Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) has put extensive precautions in place to ensure your safety during your procedure and stay. You can take comfort in knowing these measures are being taken to safeguard your health and give you peace of mind:

  • COVID-19 tests for patients - see more information and video
  • Screening call for COVID-19 symptoms and history
  • Dedicated operating rooms and post-op rooms
  • State-of-the-art hand hygiene and decontamination technology
  • Visitor restrictions in patient care areas
  • Wearing masks at all times
  • Frequent family updates
  • Minimize your time in the hospital setting

Protecting You Is Our #1 Priority

Evidence-Based Infection Prevention Techniques

As New Jersey's premier academic medical center, RWJUH has implemented cutting-edge technology and techniques, including UV light decontamination and electronic hand hygiene monitoring to protect patients and staff from COVID-19.

Emotional Support to Ease Your Fears About Having a Procedure

RWJUH's team of specialists are here to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need to calm any anxiety that you may have and allow you to focus on your preparation and speedy recovery.

Before Your Surgery

Individualized Preadmission Preparation

Our preoperative team will meet with you via telemedicine to help you prepare for your surgery. We will customize your preadmission testing to include a COVID-19 screening test.

Getting You Ready to Recover Faster

Our providers work closely with you to ensure that your presurgery preparation places you in the best condition possible prior to the procedure. Any supplies you may need can be mailed directly to your house.

At the Hospital

Special Entrance to Minimize Delays

You'll be directed to dedicated parking and a special entrance to the hospital for easy access to the preprocedural areas. Your loved ones will be directed to our comfortable Surgical Waiting Area, where they will receive regular updates on your care. Social distancing will be adhered to during your entire visit.

Keeping the Operating Room Safe

Surgery at RWJUH

Surgeons, anesthesia providers, and OR staff are screened regularly and tested for COVID-19, and the number of providers in the OR is limited to essential personnel. We utilize robust patient-centered timeouts and checklists to ensure your safety.

All providers and staff wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce the risk of infection. Our goal is to minimize the length of your stay in the hospital.

Getting You Home

In addition to our dedication to the highest quality patient-centered care, RWJUH uses the latest medical advances to provide you with a safe, fast recovery and the shortest possible hospital stay. Prescriptions will be brought directly to your room, allowing you to avoid extra stops on the way home.