Program Overview

Initial Individual VisitHealthy Me Overview and Steps

During your first visit to the clinic, you will meet with the members of the Healthy ME team to:

  • Review your medical and personal history
  • Evaluate your readiness and motivation for the program
  • Review what to expect from the program
  • Collect baseline information about your health through forms and measurements
  • Set initial lifestyle change goals

Group Sessions

After your initial visit, you will attend three group sessions. Group sessions will:

  • Build a foundation for future individual goals
  • Offer important nutrition education
  • Provide strategies for dealing with challenges
  • Serve as an opportunity to meet other families working on similar lifestyle changes

Individual Follow-Up Appointments

Once you have completed 3 group sessions, you will transition into individual appointments with the Healthy ME team. During these appointments, we will:

  • Monitor comorbidities
  • Track your progress on previous goals
  • Set new goals
  • Address challenges that may arise
  • Offer education and resources to support your individual goals

Patient Stories

  • “I feel amazing. I can move. I can do so much more physical activity without feeling pain.”

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  • "We cannot say enough about the staff – doctors, nurses, techs, the housekeeping staff, transport personnel. They all make the kids in the hospital feel special."

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  • “Sickle cell disease may seem like it’s a heavy burden, but with the right medical attention and a positive attitude, it doesn’t hold me back from achieving things in my life."

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Patient Stories

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